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Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN



Latitude: 44.3296698° N, Longitude: 94.487058° W


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   Last Name, First Name    Burial    Person ID 
1 BAUMANN, Henry William  Wed Oct 11, 1972Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P3511
2 BERG, Edmund Louis  Mon Nov 28, 1988Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P3091
3 BOETTGER, William H.  Mon May 03, 1943Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P2871
4 FORST, Frank J.  Sat Apr 11, 1942Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P5616
5 FORST, Orian "Orie"  Fri Dec 17, 1999Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P5639
6 GUGGISBERG, Edward William  Tue Nov 26, 1985Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P2041
7 GUGGISBERG, Lois Clara  Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P989
8 GULDEN, Thelma  Tue Dec 23, 1975Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P3183
9 HILLESHEIM, Alexander John  Tue Apr 19, 1966Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P2928
10 HILLESHEIM, Anastasia Catherine  Tue Aug 21, 1984Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P2868
11 HILLESHEIM, Anna Helena  Fri Jan 27, 1989Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P2202
12 HILLESHEIM, Anton  Tue May 03, 1938Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P2428
13 HILLESHEIM, Bernard "Barney" Hubert  Mon Jun 15, 1959Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P2783
14 HILLESHEIM, Bernard "Ben" "Fritz"  Mon Jan 24, 1966Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P2931
15 HILLESHEIM, Bertha  Wed Sep 03, 1930Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P2774
16 HILLESHEIM, Hedwig O. "Hattie"  Mon Dec 12, 1988Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P1885
17 HILLESHEIM, Hubert Albert  Wed May 08, 1946Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P2427
18 HILLESHEIM, John Anton  Fri Apr 14, 1989Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P2570
19 HILLESHEIM, Louis Robert  Tue Jul 23, 1974Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P3830
20 HILLESHEIM, Maria A.  Sat Dec 17, 1910Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P2862
21 HILLESHEIM, Ottilia Bertha  Wed Nov 04, 1970Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P2863
22 HILLESHEIM, Terry Lee  Tue Feb 17, 1987Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P3187
23 HILLESHEIM, William W.  Mon May 19, 1969Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P2929
24 KROSCHEL, Bertha  Mon Oct 25, 1965Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P3774
25 KRZMARZICK, Melvin Joseph  Tue Oct 30, 1990Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P16
26 LANDSTEINER, Donna Marie  Sat Feb 20, 1926Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P3054
27 LANGE, Wilhemina "Minnie"  Sat Jun 10, 1967Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P2263
28 LIEB, Emilia  Mon Jul 23, 1945Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P3780
29 LINDMEIER, Barbara  Sat Sep 19, 1936Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P2872
30 MEIER, Matthew Gregory  Thu Feb 03, 1977Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P9224
31 SCHIMSCHOCK, Raymond F.  Wed Feb 26, 1992Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P5704
32 SCHMID, Ann  Mon Apr 06, 1964Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P3512
33 UBL, Eldon Marvin  Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P12658
34 WILTSCHECK, Frank J.  Wed Mar 30, 1983Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P63
35 WINDSCHITL, Alvin Joseph  Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P3789
36 WINDSCHITL, Raymond  Wed Aug 05, 1987Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P3783
37 ZENK, Donald Joseph  Tue Jan 07, 1947Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P3082
38 ZENK, Leroy Elmer  Mon May 19, 1980Catholic Cem, New Ulm, MN P3080

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