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Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN



Latitude: 44.2194977° N, Longitude: 94.4182089° W


Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last Name, First Name    Birth    Person ID 
1 DAUER, Salome A.  Wed May 10, 1911Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P1734
2 ECKSTEIN, Anton J. (Dr)  Tue May 29, 1923Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P8611
3 ECKSTEIN, Arline M.  1927Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P8705
4 ECKSTEIN, Bertha  May 1891Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P8710
5 ECKSTEIN, Clara  Sun Sep 19, 1886Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P8782
6 E., E.J.   P8703
7 ECKSTEIN, George  Mon Mar 23, 1863Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P8630
8 ECKSTEIN, Henry Benjamin "Hank"  Sun Jun 16, 1929Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P8706
9 ECKSTEIN, Henry M.  Wed Feb 07, 1894Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P8697
10 ECKSTEIN, John B. (Dr)  Sun Jun 01, 1924Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P6141
11 E., M.G.   P8704
12 ECKSTEIN, Mary  Thu Mar 16, 1865Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P8691
13 ECKSTEIN, Mary  Oct 1883Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P8707
14 GULDEN, Amelia "Emma"  Tue Oct 22, 1861Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P2937
15 GULDEN, Arnold O.  Wed Aug 29, 1860Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P2936
16 GULDEN, Juliana Francis  Sep 1864Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P2422
17 HEGLER, Clarence  Tue Apr 01, 1913Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P1731
18 HILLESHEIM, Christopher Arnold  Thu Nov 02, 1876Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P2250
19 HILLESHEIM, Clara  Tue Dec 03, 1861Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P2725
20 HINDERMANN, Elaine Rose  Mon Oct 16, 1922Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P3165
21 KLOECKL, Dolores Bertha  Thu Dec 11, 1919Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P3217
22 KLOECKL, Marie Rose  Sun Oct 28, 1923Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P3219
23 LANDSTEINER, John F.  Tue Mar 20, 1877Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P2864
24 ROTERING, Theresa  Sun Dec 04, 1932Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P3790
25 SAFFERT, Marie R.  Thu May 11, 1922Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P5711
26 SCHIEFFERT, Peter  Sun Feb 22, 1880Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P9172
27 SCHLUMPBERGER, Arthur H.  Mon May 08, 1911Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P3161
28 SCHMIDT, Harry Joseph  Sat Jun 14, 1902Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P2870
29 SCHROEPFER, John M.  Thu May 28, 1868Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P12463
30 SMITH, Pearl  Tue Dec 17, 1935Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P553
31 SPERL, Anna  1875Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P8596
32 SPERL, Anton  1872Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P8599
33 SPERL, George J.  Tue Feb 22, 1876Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P8597
34 SPERL, Joseph J.  Tue Oct 12, 1869Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P8595
35 SPERL, Otto  Sun Feb 12, 1871Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P8594
36 SPERL, Stanislaus  Tue Nov 05, 1878Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P8598
37 SPRENGER, Eldor R.  Sun Dec 17, 1916Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P3919
38 STUEBER, Elizabeth C.  Wed Nov 21, 1917Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P8816
39 STUEBER, Gladys M.  Mon May 22, 1916Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P8815
40 STUEBER, John Joseph Jr.  Sun Mar 28, 1920Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P8824
41 STUEBER, Kenneth Harry  Tue Feb 20, 1934Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P11969
42 TAUER, Katherine Cecelia  Wed Apr 22, 1896Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P12831
43 TURBES, Ralph E.  Fri Sep 17, 1926Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P3744
44 WAGNER, Anton  1868Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P8612
45 WAGNER, Henry  Fri Oct 29, 1869Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P8613
46 WAGNER, John  Sat Jun 16, 1877Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P8617
47 WAGNER, Kathrine  1875Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P8616
48 WAGNER, Mary  1873Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P8615
49 WAGNER, Wiliam  Thu Jun 29, 1871Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P8614


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, First Name    Death    Person ID 
1 ECKSTEIN, Johann  Fri Sep 09, 1881Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P8346
2 ECKSTEIN, John  Fri Mar 15, 1929Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P8606
3 ECKSTEIN, Maria  Sun Feb 29, 1880Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P303
4 ECKSTEIN, Rebecca  1971Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P10408
5 SCHIEFFERT, Michael  Mon May 03, 1880Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P302
6 SCHROEPFER, Barbara  Tue May 02, 1922Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P8607
7 SCHROEPFER, Michael Joseph  Thu Apr 10, 1958Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P8692
8 SPERL, Anton  Sat Apr 17, 1886Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P8599
9 SPERL, Joseph J.  Thu Mar 04, 1926Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P8595
10 TURBES, Nicholas Phillip  Wed Jul 07, 1937Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P2896
11 WAGNER, Henry  Mon Nov 13, 1905Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P8613
12 WAGNER, Jacob  Thu Dec 19, 1912Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P8530

Fact 2

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, First Name    Fact 2    Person ID 
1 BOETTGER, Clara Catharine  Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P3441


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, First Name    Occupation    Person ID 
1 WILTSCHECK, "Sister Sabrina" Margaretha  Abt 1870Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P48


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, First Name    Residence    Person ID 
1 HILLESHEIM, Viola Barbara  1936Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P2932
2 KLOECKL, Frank John  1931Cottonwood Twp, Brown Co, MN P2578

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