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Latitude: 41.8685961° N, Longitude: 84.5222189° W


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   Last Name, First Name    Birth    Person ID 
1 CHERINGTON, Clayton  Sun Dec 09, 1855Hillsdale Co, MI P4503
2 CHERINGTON, Dewitt Clinton (Ii)  Fri Feb 27, 1863Hillsdale Co, MI P1659
3 CHERINGTON, Ewing  Sat Feb 12, 1859Hillsdale Co, MI P4504
4 CHERINGTON, Susan  Fri Mar 15, 1861Hillsdale Co, MI P4513
5 CROWL, Olive M.  Fri Feb 07, 1868Hillsdale Co, MI P4568
6 CUMMINS, Laura Olive  Abt 1871Hillsdale Co, MI P4545
7 DRINKER, Elwood  Sun Jun 10, 1855Hillsdale Co, MI P4539
8 EWING, Adelbert Jasper  Tue Apr 02, 1872Hillsdale Co, MI P4554
9 EWING, Aetna  Thu Mar 10, 1859Hillsdale Co, MI P4550
10 EWING, Bertha Jane  Sun Mar 17, 1861Hillsdale Co, MI P4502
11 EWING, Charles Cassius  Wed Sep 04, 1867Hillsdale Co, MI P4565
12 EWING, Emma Jane  Fri Feb 03, 1865Hillsdale Co, MI P4552
13 EWING, Estella Jane  Sun Aug 14, 1859Hillsdale Co, MI P4563
14 EWING, Finette Lynn  Thu Jul 05, 1866Hillsdale Co, MI P4553
15 EWING, Frank Burton  Wed Jul 28, 1869Hillsdale Co, MI P313
16 EWING, George Elbert  Fri Sep 06, 1867Hillsdale Co, MI P4535
17 EWING, Henry Mckendree  Sat Mar 26, 1864Hillsdale Co, MI P4506
18 EWING, Isaac Ellsworth  Thu Dec 05, 1861Hillsdale Co, MI P4564
19 EWING, John Caleb  Mon Jan 28, 1867Hillsdale Co, MI P312
20 EWING, Loella Jane  Mon Jan 26, 1863Hillsdale Co, MI P149
21 EWING, Rosetta Dorlesky  Tue Sep 08, 1857Hillsdale Co, MI P4549
22 EWING, Thomas E.  Wed Jan 30, 1856Hillsdale Co, MI P1625
23 EWING, William Henry  Sat Feb 22, 1862Hillsdale Co, MI P4551
24 FITZSIMMONS, James Duncan  Mon Feb 10, 1840Hillsdale Co, MI P3810
25 GARWOOD, Jennie  Tue Mar 03, 1868Hillsdale Co, MI P4570
26 GIBBENY, Florence Louise  1860Hillsdale Co, MI P5866
27 HOWALD, Florence Louise  Fri Jan 04, 1856Hillsdale Co, MI P4531
28 HOYLE, Abbie Irene  Abt 1871Hillsdale Co, MI P4571
29 JENKINS, Cassius M. Freeman  Mon Sep 13, 1858Hillsdale Co, MI P1673
30 JENKINS, Josephus Mcvey  Fri Jun 16, 1854Hillsdale Co, MI P1671
31 JENKINS, Ulysses Simpson Grant  Sun Apr 17, 1864Hillsdale Co, MI P1675
32 JENKINS, William Edward  Thu Jun 12, 1862Hillsdale Co, MI P1674
33 KIZER, Effa W.  Abt 1865Hillsdale Co, MI P4569
34 MCCLELLAN, Ada  1868Hillsdale Co, MI P7093
35 MOORE, Agnes  Abt 1862Hillsdale Co, MI P7088
36 MOSHER, Cora L.  1859Hillsdale Co, MI P7089
37 PANNEY, Frank Hiram  Abt 1857Hillsdale Co, MI P4567
38 STANLEY, Cora  Sat Dec 08, 1860Hillsdale Co, MI P4536
39 WALKLEY, Wyllys Seamans  Sat Jan 17, 1846Hillsdale Co, MI P357
40 WHITE, Stephen J.  Sat Mar 01, 1862Hillsdale Co, MI P4526
41 WHITE, Susan Jane  Mon Sep 28, 1863Hillsdale Co, MI P4527


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, First Name    Death    Person ID 
1 CAREY, Robert H.  Wed Oct 08, 1873Hillsdale Co, MI P1661
2 CHERINGTON, Dewitt Clinton (Ii)  Thu Oct 03, 1872Hillsdale Co, MI P1659
3 CRABBE, Clara  Sat May 16, 1891Hillsdale Co, MI P1620
4 EWING, Aetna  Thu May 01, 1862Hillsdale Co, MI P4550
5 EWING, Andrew Adam  Sat Nov 02, 1912Hillsdale Co, MI P321
6 EWING, Charles Cassius  1950Hillsdale Co, MI P4565
7 EWING, Charlotte  Wed Oct 05, 1904Hillsdale Co, MI P316
8 EWING, Enoch  Thu Dec 10, 1885Hillsdale Co, MI P314
9 EWING, Henry Mckendree  Sun Aug 27, 1933Hillsdale Co, MI P4506
10 EWING, Isaac  Tue Oct 06, 1868Hillsdale Co, MI P317
11 EWING, James Leander  Mon Apr 04, 1910Hillsdale Co, MI P322
12 EWING, Jenetta  Sun Oct 22, 1916Hillsdale Co, MI P318
13 EWING, John Wilson  Mon Oct 02, 1905Hillsdale Co, MI P319
14 EWING, Loella Jane  Wed Mar 11, 1863Hillsdale Co, MI P149
15 EWING, Rosetta Dorlesky  Fri Feb 04, 1876Hillsdale Co, MI P4549
16 EWING, Thomas E.  Mon Aug 16, 1920Hillsdale Co, MI P1625
17 EWING, William Jordan  Tue Apr 05, 1892Hillsdale Co, MI P320
18 FITZSIMMONS, Mary Ann  Sun Mar 03, 1929Hillsdale Co, MI P1654
19 HEWITT, Asa  Fri Sep 14, 1860Hillsdale Co, MI P1679
20 HILYARD, Benjamin  Tue Jun 28, 1881Hillsdale Co, MI P7090
21 HOWALD, Rosa  1934Hillsdale Co, MI P4528
22 HOYLE, Abbie Irene  Thu May 12, 1966Hillsdale Co, MI P4571
23 JENKINS, Isabel  Sat Sep 30, 1905Hillsdale Co, MI P1662
24 JENKINS, Nancy Caroline  Fri Apr 08, 1921Hillsdale Co, MI P1667
25 JENKINS, Ulysses Simpson Grant  Fri May 26, 1950Hillsdale Co, MI P1675
26 JENKINS, William Edward  Sat Mar 20, 1937Hillsdale Co, MI P1674
27 MARTIN, James E.  1945Hillsdale Co, MI P4532
28 MCCLELLAN, Ada  Sat Dec 15, 1951Hillsdale Co, MI P7093
29 MOORE, Agnes  Hillsdale Co, MI P7088
30 PANNEY, Frank Hiram  Thu Apr 17, 1924Hillsdale Co, MI P4567
31 PIXLEY, Laney  Tue Jul 21, 1874Hillsdale Co, MI P1680
32 RADABAUGH, Susannah  Sat May 17, 1884Hillsdale Co, MI P315
33 SMITH, Elizabeth  Thu Apr 27, 1922Hillsdale Co, MI P1657
34 SMITH, Emily  Tue Jan 18, 1898Hillsdale Co, MI P1655
35 STANLEY, Cora  1952Hillsdale Co, MI P4536
36 WHITE, Enoch Calvin  Sat Aug 03, 1918Hillsdale Co, MI P4514
37 WHITE, Susan Jane  1945Hillsdale Co, MI P4527
38 WRAGG, Ann Burton  Sun Sep 30, 1883Hillsdale Co, MI P7841


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 CAREY / JENKINS  Sun Oct 09, 1864Hillsdale Co, MI F2201
2 CHERINGTON / EWING  Sun Mar 16, 1856Hillsdale Co, MI F492
3 CULLER / JENKINS  Wed Jul 05, 1876Hillsdale Co, MI F2200
4 EWING /   1899Hillsdale Co, MI F488
5 EWING / BEATTIE  Thu Jun 02, 1892Hillsdale Co, MI F2240
6 EWING / CROWL  Wed Oct 19, 1887Hillsdale Co, MI F2243
7 EWING / DAVIS  Sun Nov 19, 1882Hillsdale Co, MI F2236
8 EWING / FITZSIMMONS  Wed Apr 18, 1855Hillsdale Co, MI F190
9 EWING / HANK  Wed Apr 23, 1862Hillsdale Co, MI F69
10 EWING / KIZER  Wed Sep 20, 1922Hillsdale Co, MI F2244
11 EWING / MCNEILL  1853Hillsdale Co, MI F187
12 EWING / SMITH  Sun May 27, 1855Hillsdale Co, MI F215
13 EWING / SMITH  Sun May 02, 1858Hillsdale Co, MI F491
14 FITZSIMMONS / JENKINS  Thu Mar 28, 1861Hillsdale Co, MI F2207
15 JENKINS / HOWALD  Sat Nov 04, 1876Hillsdale Co, MI F2209
16 JENKINS / MCCLELLAN  Sun Nov 22, 1885Hillsdale Co, MI F2212
17 JENKINS / MOORE  Sat Apr 02, 1881Hillsdale Co, MI F2210
18 JENKINS / MOSHER  Sun Nov 23, 1879Hillsdale Co, MI F2208
19 LAING / EWING  Mon Sep 07, 1891Hillsdale Co, MI F2238
20 MARTIN / WHITE  Sun Jul 30, 1882Hillsdale Co, MI F2230

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