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Latitude: 44.3591711° N, Longitude: 94.7070616° W


Matches 1 to 58 of 58

   Last Name, First Name    Birth    Person ID 
1 Evelyn  Fri Oct 20, 1916Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P2439
2 ECKSTEIN, Cyril John  Mon Aug 01, 1927Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P8653
3 HAUSER, Joseph "Sep"  Sun Sep 17, 1922Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P1788
4 HILLESHEIM, Anna Florence  Sun Oct 23, 1898Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P7955
5 HILLESHEIM, Walter William  Fri Apr 18, 1902Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P3837
6 KRZMARZICK, Agatha Philomena  Mon Jan 30, 1893Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P5895
7 KRZMARZICK, Agnes Josephine  Thu Dec 01, 1904Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P5901
8 KRZMARZICK, Agnes K.  Sun May 11, 1890Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P52
9 KRZMARZICK, Alex Alois  Sun Apr 18, 1897Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P5588
10 KRZMARZICK, Anna  Mon May 17, 1880Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P10
11 KRZMARZICK, Anna Christina  Mon Sep 14, 1891Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P5894
12 KRZMARZICK, Anthony Henry  Sun Jun 06, 1920Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P5965
13 KRZMARZICK, Anthony Vincent  Sun Jun 05, 1898Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P5899
14 KRZMARZICK, Arleen Frances  Thu Sep 23, 1920Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P5584
15 KRZMARZICK, Catherine Barbara  Tue Aug 28, 1888Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P5892
16 KRZMARZICK, Florian Bruno  Sun Feb 16, 1902Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P5749
17 KRZMARZICK, Frances Agnes  Tue May 02, 1905Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P5951
18 KRZMARZICK, Henry E.  Mon Mar 08, 1886Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P9
19 KRZMARZICK, Irene Marie  Tue Oct 10, 1922Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P5585
20 KRZMARZICK, John F. W.  Thu Feb 23, 1882Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P6028
21 KRZMARZICK, John Peter "Jumbo"  Wed Sep 28, 1887Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P5598
22 KRZMARZICK, Joseph Frank  Tue Jul 22, 1879Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P5964
23 KRZMARZICK, Joseph John  Mon Jun 13, 1887Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P5891
24 KRZMARZICK, Leo Edward (Rev)  Sun Mar 08, 1908Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P13
25 KRZMARZICK, Linus Sylvester  Fri Mar 14, 1919Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P5625
26 KRZMARZICK, Marie Rose Josephine  Sat Sep 30, 1893Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P5622
27 KRZMARZICK, Martha Clara  Fri Sep 21, 1894Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P5896
28 KRZMARZICK, Mary Catherine  Sun Dec 13, 1896Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P5898
29 KRZMARZICK, Melvin Joseph  Wed Apr 09, 1913Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P16
30 KRZMARZICK, Michael Theodore  Sat Feb 01, 1890Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P5893
31 KRZMARZICK, Peter Anton  Sat Feb 09, 1884Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P53
32 KRZMARZICK, Roman George  Sat Jan 27, 1917Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P5
33 KRZMARZICK, Rose Magdeline  Tue Feb 06, 1900Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P5900
34 KRZMARZICK, Stephen Joseph  Tue Aug 31, 1886Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P11352
35 LOSLEBEN, Andrew  Wed Oct 12, 1870Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P2899
36 LOSLEBEN, Ann Marie  Fri Mar 20, 1891Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P4177
37 LOSLEBEN, Arnold F.  Tue Aug 09, 1892Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P3834
38 LOSLEBEN, Joseph Roman  Sat Oct 12, 1901Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P12278
39 LOSLEBEN, Julia Margaret  Mon Feb 05, 1894Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P4173
40 LOSLEBEN, Kenneth  Sat Mar 07, 1931Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P4152
41 LOSLEBEN, Margaret Mary  Mon Feb 29, 1904Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P4176
42 LOSLEBEN, Mary Ann  Mon Apr 29, 1907Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P12279
43 LOSLEBEN, Rose Clara  Sat Sep 18, 1897Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P4175
44 NELSON, Alexander  1900Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P6483
45 SEIFERT, Luella Freida  Sun Jul 26, 1914Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P11180
46 S., S.   P11178
47 SELLNER, Joseph Larry  Fri Oct 26, 1956Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P1512
48 SELLNER, Martha  Mon Dec 09, 1918Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P6482
49 SOUKUP, Alyce Wilhelmina  Tue Mar 03, 1914Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P6035
50 SPERL, Walter  Sat Apr 23, 1927Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P1824
51 TAUER, Raymond Clarence  Thu Apr 26, 1928Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P5799
52 WILTSCHECK, Agnes Anna  Mon Jul 23, 1917Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P59
53 WILTSCHECK, Catherine Mary  Fri Jul 11, 1924Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P71
54 WILTSCHECK, Dorothy Bertha  Thu Sep 10, 1914Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P6
55 WILTSCHECK, Elvera Clara  Fri Jul 22, 1921Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P70
56 WILTSCHECK, Marie Ann  Fri Mar 07, 1919Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P69
57 WILTSCHECK, Rosemary Clara  Sun Aug 07, 1927Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P72
58 WILTSCHECK, Viola Ottilia  Tue Sep 28, 1915Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P17


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, First Name    Death    Person ID 
1 BRANDL, Michael  Sun May 11, 1913Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P6896
2 DOMEIER, Mathilda M.  1969Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P8432
3 FLEISCHMANN, Barbara  Wed Jun 13, 1883Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P221
4 HILLESHEIM, Leonard John H.  Sun Sep 07, 1930Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P2285
5 KRZMARZICK, Anthony Vincent  Thu Feb 05, 1920Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P5899
6 KRZMARZICK, George  Wed Jul 29, 1903Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P6509
7 KRZMARZICK, Helen A.  Wed Jul 15, 1896Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P11353
8 KRZMARZICK, Johann  Sat Sep 22, 1894Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P28
9 KRZMARZICK, John Baptist  Sun Sep 09, 1934Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P224
10 KRZMARZICK, Stephen Joseph  Sat Feb 04, 1893Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P11352
11 SELLNER, Joseph Larry  Mon Aug 21, 2017Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P1512


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, First Name    Occupation    Person ID 
1 KRZMARZICK, Johann  (c1870,80)Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P28


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, First Name    Residence    Person ID 
1 HILLESHEIM, Henry Frank  1946Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P2277
2 PANKRATZ, Andrew  1870Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P3621
3 PANKRATZ, Andrew  1880Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P3621
4 PANKRATZ, Lena  1870Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P3779
5 PANKRATZ, Lena  1880Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P3779
6 PANKRATZ, Michael  1870Home Twp, Brown Co, MN P3763

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