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   Last Name, First Name    Birth    Person ID 
1 Marie  1821Jackson Co, OH P12134
2 ALLEN, Eudocia  Sat Jul 13, 1850Jackson Co, OH P11360
3 ALLEN, James William  Sat Mar 29, 1851Jackson Co, OH P11361
4 ALLEN, Marcus  Thu Feb 27, 1845Jackson Co, OH P11358
5 ALLEN, Sarah  Sat Apr 07, 1849Jackson Co, OH P11359
6 BACCUS, John  1800Jackson Co, OH P4607
7 BUCKLEY, Edward J.Job  1845Jackson Co, OH P5060
8 BURLEY, Emery Earl  Mon Dec 21, 1891Jackson Co, OH P14072
9 BURRIS, Ann  Tue Sep 01, 1818Jackson Co, OH P7036
10 BURRIS, Cynthia  Mon Jun 19, 1820Jackson Co, OH P7035
11 BURRIS, John  Thu Nov 28, 1822Jackson Co, OH P6982
12 BURRIS, Martha Patsy  Thu Apr 01, 1813Jackson Co, OH P7029
13 BURRIS, Milton  1828Jackson Co, OH P7149
14 BURRIS, William Ewing (I)  Fri Feb 02, 1810Jackson Co, OH P6983
15 CAREY, Robert H.  Abt 1839Jackson Co, OH P1661
16 CHERINGTON, Dewitt Clinton (I)  Sun Mar 14, 1830Jackson Co, OH P1658
17 CONGER, Clifford  Fri Apr 01, 1898Jackson Co, OH P14054
18 CORN, William Anderson  Fri Apr 14, 1876Jackson Co, OH P11301
19 CULLER, Hiram  Abt 1839Jackson Co, OH P7087
20 DODRILL, Elizabeth  Thu Dec 04, 1851Jackson Co, OH P7299
21 DODRILL, Esther Jane  Fri Oct 27, 1854Jackson Co, OH P7300
22 DODRILL, John Avery  Sat Apr 27, 1850Jackson Co, OH P7297
23 EWING, Albert L.  Fri Dec 03, 1852Jackson Co, OH P7576
24 EWING, Alvin Enoch  Thu Nov 10, 1864Jackson Co, OH P75
25 EWING, Andrew Adam  Wed Nov 13, 1833Jackson Co, OH P321
26 EWING, Anetta Jane  Fri Apr 29, 1853Jackson Co, OH P7482
27 EWING, Charlotte  Fri Nov 01, 1822Jackson Co, OH P316
28 EWING, Dora  Tue Mar 06, 1860Jackson Co, OH P7485
29 EWING, Elizabeth Parilla  Mon May 28, 1838Jackson Co, OH P323
30 EWING, Emily Jane  Sun Aug 25, 1844Jackson Co, OH P4581
31 EWING, Henry Duke  Tue Jan 12, 1819Jackson Co, OH P6933
32 EWING, Henry Mckendree  Sat May 15, 1841Jackson Co, OH P120
33 EWING, Isaac  Fri Apr 01, 1825Jackson Co, OH P317
34 EWING, James Leander  Mon Dec 28, 1835Jackson Co, OH P322
35 EWING, Jenetta  Fri Jun 08, 1827Jackson Co, OH P318
36 EWING, John Albert  Wed Jan 28, 1824Jackson Co, OH P7158
37 EWING, John L.  Wed Jan 24, 1849Jackson Co, OH P7573
38 EWING, John Wilson  Tue Jul 22, 1828Jackson Co, OH P319
39 EWING, Madison  Wed Jan 15, 1851Jackson Co, OH P7575
40 EWING, Mary C.  Mon Apr 16, 1860Jackson Co, OH P7583
41 EWING, Mary Jane  Wed Dec 08, 1852Jackson Co, OH P1664
42 EWING, Mary Jeanet Jennie  1858Jackson Co, OH P7466
43 EWING, Milton F.  Fri Mar 27, 1857Jackson Co, OH P7581
44 EWING, Nancy F.  Wed Sep 02, 1846Jackson Co, OH P7572
45 EWING, Nathan G.  Tue Feb 13, 1855Jackson Co, OH P7579
46 EWING, Rufus  Thu Feb 14, 1861Jackson Co, OH P7607
47 EWING, Smith H.  Wed Mar 18, 1863Jackson Co, OH P7586
48 EWING, William A.  1854Jackson Co, OH P7578
49 EWING, William Jordan  Wed Sep 14, 1831Jackson Co, OH P320
50 GARFIELD, Mary Polly  Fri Sep 26, 1845Jackson Co, OH P7599
51 HOWELL, Julia Ann C.  Fri Nov 05, 1819Jackson Co, OH P5736
52 HOWELL, Levi (Ii)  Mon Mar 18, 1816Jackson Co, OH P5735
53 HOWELL, Samuel Ewing  Abt 25 Feb 1825Jackson Co, OH P5739
54 JENKINS, Albert  1875Jackson Co, OH P11392
55 JENKINS, Ida Mary  Sat Oct 12, 1872Jackson Co, OH P11319
56 JENKINS, Isaac  Wed Dec 06, 1848Jackson Co, OH P1669
57 JENKINS, Isabel  Thu Feb 13, 1845Jackson Co, OH P1662
58 JENKINS, Lyda Ann  Mon Nov 10, 1873Jackson Co, OH P11304
59 JENKINS, Lyda Florence  Sat Oct 12, 1872Jackson Co, OH P7062
60 JENKINS, Martha Jane  Sat Oct 02, 1841Jackson Co, OH P1668
61 JENKINS, Mary Elizabeth  Sat Jul 15, 1843Jackson Co, OH P1660
62 JENKINS, Nancy Caroline  Wed Mar 31, 1847Jackson Co, OH P1667
63 JONES, Ida  Sat Sep 17, 1864Jackson Co, OH P7428
64 LUCAS, Mary Marie  Wed Aug 22, 1900Jackson Co, OH P14055
65 MCNEILL, Anna Cherington  Sun Jun 23, 1833Jackson Co, OH P1652
66 MCNEILL, Mahala Arabella Belle  Tue Sep 30, 1856Jackson Co, OH P5059
67 MORRIS, Lydia  Sun Oct 07, 1810Jackson Co, OH P7142
68 RUSSELL, Enoch  1861Jackson Co, OH P7203
69 RUSSELL, Hiram J.  Fri Nov 26, 1824Jackson Co, OH P7187
70 RUSSELL, James  Feb 1860Jackson Co, OH P7202
71 RUSSELL, John W. (Ii)  Aug 1868Jackson Co, OH P7205
72 RUSSELL, Zevilda Zella  Between 1865 and 1867Jackson Co, OH P7204
73 WEST, Annie  Mon Dec 31, 1866Jackson Co, OH P7070
74 WEST, Benjamin H.  1908Jackson Co, OH P11315
75 WEST, Esther  Mon Sep 03, 1900Jackson Co, OH P11313

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   Last Name, First Name    Death    Person ID 
1 BUCKLEY, Edward J.Job  1892Jackson Co, OH P5060
2 BURRIS, Ann  Fri Apr 07, 1893Jackson Co, OH P7036
3 BURRIS, William  Bef 3 Jul 1848Jackson Co, OH P5826
4 CHERINGTON, Mary  Sun Jul 25, 1937Jackson Co, OH P7669
5 CONGER, Clifford  Aug 1970Jackson Co, OH P14054
6 DODRILL, Elizabeth  Wed Dec 18, 1901Jackson Co, OH P4650
7 DODRILL, Mary  Tue Sep 06, 1898Jackson Co, OH P4649
8 DUHL, Daniel  Abt 1916Jackson Co, OH P7495
9 DURKEE, Weltha Filena  Thu May 13, 1847Jackson Co, OH P7147
10 EWING, Andrew Elmer  Tue Jun 21, 1921Jackson Co, OH P121
11 EWING, Anetta Jane  Wed Dec 02, 1942Jackson Co, OH P7482
12 EWING, Anna Permelia  Sat May 05, 1917Jackson Co, OH P7673
13 EWING, Dora  Thu Aug 10, 1933Jackson Co, OH P7485
14 EWING, Emily Jane  Mon Jan 17, 1848Jackson Co, OH P4581
15 EWING, Gilbert Alexander  Sun Aug 19, 1906Jackson Co, OH P7643
16 EWING, Henry Duke  Mon May 14, 1900Jackson Co, OH P6933
17 EWING, Howard J.  Wed Jan 23, 1935Jackson Co, OH P7589
18 EWING, Jane Jennet  Tue Aug 14, 1855Jackson Co, OH P1602
19 EWING, John  1827Jackson Co, OH P331
20 EWING, John Albert  Fri Apr 08, 1881Jackson Co, OH P7158
21 EWING, Levi Curtis  Sun Sep 20, 1908Jackson Co, OH P7448
22 EWING, Madison  Thu Oct 13, 1853Jackson Co, OH P7575
23 EWING, Margaret  Abt 1881Jackson Co, OH P4587
24 EWING, Mary Jeanet Jennie  Wed Oct 09, 1918Jackson Co, OH P7466
25 FINK, John Franklin  Fri Jan 08, 1926Jackson Co, OH P7494
26 HANK, Jane Berry  Thu Dec 23, 1852Jackson Co, OH P1617
27 HANNA, Tyrus John  Mon Dec 08, 1862Jackson Co, OH P7144
28 HARRISON, Nelson  1857Jackson Co, OH P5006
29 HOWELL, Abner  Fri Apr 04, 1828Jackson Co, OH P5731
30 HOWELL, Levi (Ii)  Sat Dec 19, 1891Jackson Co, OH P5735
31 HUDDLESTON, Hester  Sat Jul 12, 1856Jackson Co, OH P1666
32 JENKINS, Amos  1837Jackson Co, OH P1665
33 JENKINS, Isaac  Fri May 28, 1937Jackson Co, OH P1669
34 JONES, Mary J.  Between 1900 and 1908Jackson Co, OH P7469
35 LUCAS, Mary Marie  Tue Feb 07, 1950Jackson Co, OH P14055
36 MARTINDALE, Alvin Rathburn  Mon Jan 01, 1894Jackson Co, OH P5815
37 MATTHEWS, Edward Baker  Mon Oct 17, 1949Jackson Co, OH P7424
38 MCCARLEY, Alexander Frank  Between 1896 and 1897Jackson Co, OH P7186
39 MCMANUS, Eliza Ann  Fri Aug 07, 1891Jackson Co, OH P7468
40 MCNEILL, Mahala Arabella Belle  1920Jackson Co, OH P5059
41 MOSHER, Cora L.  Fri Jan 19, 1906Jackson Co, OH P7089
42 MUSGROVE, Mary Louette  Thu Mar 05, 1925Jackson Co, OH P7590
43 RADABAUGH, Henry  1818Jackson Co, OH P7118
44 RUSSELL, Hiram J.  Thu Jul 03, 1890Jackson Co, OH P7187
45 RUSSELL, John W. (I)  Between 1867 and 1870Jackson Co, OH P7201
46 SULLIVAN, Sarah  Thu Feb 22, 1912Jackson Co, OH P5161
47 WALL, Emily J.  Thu Aug 10, 1854Jackson Co, OH P7219
48 WEST, Esther  Thu Jan 09, 1919Jackson Co, OH P11313
49 WEST, Jabez  Tue Mar 14, 1876Jackson Co, OH P100
50 WEST, Joseph Rodney  Mon Aug 21, 1967Jackson Co, OH P11412
51 WEST, Maude  Tue Dec 20, 1932Jackson Co, OH P7033
52 WEST, Ralph  1979Jackson Co, OH P11311
53 WEST, Roy Clifton  Thu Apr 05, 1962Jackson Co, OH P11310
54 YELEY, Esther Ann  Wed Oct 20, 1926Jackson Co, OH P11423


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   Last Name, First Name    Burial    Person ID 
1 ROATH, Nancy  Jackson Co, OH P5796


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   Last Name, First Name    Divorced    Person ID 
1 DODRILL, Esther Jane  1879Jackson Co, OH P7300
2 WHITE, William  1879Jackson Co, OH P7302


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 BACCUS / BUCK  Mon Jul 22, 1822Jackson Co, OH F2261
2 BURRIS / DURKEE  Thu Feb 04, 1847Jackson Co, OH F2512
3 BURRIS / HENRY  Tue Dec 23, 1851Jackson Co, OH F2511
4 BURRIS / MCKIBBON  Mon May 07, 1855Jackson Co, OH F2544
5 BURRIS / MORRIS  Thu Jul 21, 1831Jackson Co, OH F2514
6 BURRIS / POORE  Tue Mar 02, 1847Jackson Co, OH F2513
8 DUHL / EWING  Fri Sep 26, 1873Jackson Co, OH F2692
9 EWING / BACCUS  Sun Jan 06, 1850Jackson Co, OH F2186
10 EWING / CAHOON  Wed May 05, 1852Jackson Co, OH F2370
11 EWING / EDWARDS  Wed Nov 04, 1885Jackson Co, OH F2759
12 EWING / GARFIELD  Thu Jan 30, 1862Jackson Co, OH F2255
13 EWING / HANK  Thu Jul 03, 1851Jackson Co, OH F189
14 EWING / HANK  Thu Oct 12, 1854Jackson Co, OH F214
15 EWING / INGLES  Thu Sep 24, 1857Jackson Co, OH F2505
16 EWING / MUSGROVE  Fri Jul 24, 1891Jackson Co, OH F2726
17 EWING / RADABAUGH  Thu Dec 20, 1821Jackson Co, OH F105
18 EWING / SULLIVAN  Thu Jun 29, 1843Jackson Co, OH F2371
19 EWING / TRIPP  Wed Jun 01, 1881Jackson Co, OH F2719
20 FINK / EWING  Thu Jul 11, 1872Jackson Co, OH F2691
21 HANNA / BURRIS  Tue Oct 07, 1834Jackson Co, OH F2517
22 HARRISON / MCNEILL  Tue Nov 09, 1847Jackson Co, OH F2332
23 HAWK / BURRIS  Wed Sep 11, 1839Jackson Co, OH F2516
24 HOLCOMB / ROSS  Fri Mar 13, 1829Jackson Co, OH F2439
25 HOWELL / MCDANIEL  Thu Mar 07, 1878Jackson Co, OH F2468
26 HOWELL / PHILBRICK  Sat May 05, 1849Jackson Co, OH F2465
27 HOWELL / POLLEY  Wed Oct 28, 1840Jackson Co, OH F2467
28 HOWELL / TOPE  Fri Dec 25, 1874Jackson Co, OH F2469
29 JENKINS / EWING  Mon Oct 05, 1840Jackson Co, OH F110
30 MARSH / MCNEILL   F2340
31 MATTHEWS / JONES  Thu Jun 19, 1890Jackson Co, OH F2663
32 MCCRAY / BURRIS  Thu Sep 03, 1829Jackson Co, OH F2515
33 MCNEILL / MCNEILL  Sun Jun 05, 1831Jackson Co, OH F2328
34 OLIVER / MCNEILL  Jackson Co, OH F2330
35 RUSSELL / EWING  Sun Mar 12, 1865Jackson Co, OH F2253
36 SADDLER / MACKEY  Fri Oct 26, 1855Jackson Co, OH F3871
37 VIERS / ALLEN  Wed Aug 02, 1865Jackson Co, OH F2628
38 WEST / FISHER  Thu Aug 13, 1857Jackson Co, OH F2090
39 WEST / JENKINS  Wed Aug 11, 1875Jackson Co, OH F53
40 WEST / WILSON  Sun Nov 02, 1862Jackson Co, OH F3930
41 WHITE / EWING  Thu Apr 03, 1845Jackson Co, OH F188
42 WHITE / HOWALD  Sun Jan 20, 1867Jackson Co, OH F2227

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