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Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany



Latitude: 50.3301217° N, Longitude: 6.3414605° E


Matches 1 to 55 of 55

   Last Name, First Name    Birth    Person ID 
1 CHRISTEN, Anna  Thu Feb 16, 1888Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P14950
2 CHRISTEN, Anna Marie  Sun Apr 19, 1818Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P12226
3 CHRISTEN, Nikolaus  Sun Aug 01, 1813Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P14943
4 DAHM, John  1837Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P2857
5 EICHTEN, Katharine Marie  Thu Aug 04, 1825Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P2766
6 GROSJEAN, Anna  Sun Jul 25, 1824Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P2854
7 HILLESHEIM, Anna Clara  Sun Aug 14, 1808Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P4695
8 HILLESHEIM, Anna Maria  Mon Mar 02, 1807Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P2769
9 HILLESHEIM, Anna Maria  Fri Jan 19, 1849Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P2852
10 HILLESHEIM, Arnold  Wed Mar 16, 1803Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P2246
11 HILLESHEIM, Gertrud  Sun Jun 03, 1860Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P12522
12 HILLESHEIM, Gertrude  Mon Mar 04, 1816Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P4696
13 HILLESHEIM, Gertrude Emma  Thu Feb 10, 1842Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P2416
14 HILLESHEIM, Henry  Mon Nov 22, 1813Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P4699
15 HILLESHEIM, Henry  Sun Nov 15, 1846Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P2851
16 HILLESHEIM, Henry Bernard  Thu Oct 24, 1833Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P2415
17 HILLESHEIM, Hubert  Sat Oct 10, 1829Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P2414
18 HILLESHEIM, Hubert G.  Tue Dec 25, 1849Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P2772
19 HILLESHEIM, Johann Nikolaus  Sat Oct 08, 1864Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P12524
20 HILLESHEIM, Joseph  Sat Dec 09, 1837Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P2418
21 HILLESHEIM, Maria Catharine  Wed Jan 25, 1843Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P11552
22 HILLESHEIM, Maria Josephine  Sun Apr 04, 1847Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P2855
23 HILLESHEIM, Mary Catherine  Mon Feb 12, 1844Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P2850
24 HILLESHEIM, Mathias  Thu Apr 11, 1811Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P2768
25 HILLESHEIM, Mathias  Fri Sep 23, 1831Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P12222
26 HILLESHEIM, Mathias  Thu Mar 12, 1840Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P3527
27 HILLESHEIM, Mathias (Jr)  Thu Sep 11, 1851Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P2853
28 HILLESHEIM, Nicholas  Sat Mar 02, 1844Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P2417
29 HILLESHEIM, Peter  1802Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P12743
30 HILLESHEIM, Peter  Fri May 17, 1805Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P4697
31 HILLESHEIM, Peter  Fri Mar 20, 1846Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P12221
32 HILLESHEIM, Still Born  Tue Dec 29, 1818Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P12750
33 MANDERFELD, Anna Catherine  Sat Jul 23, 1814Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P2848
34 MANDERFELD, Rudolph Wilhelm  Mon Jun 17, 1929Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P12534
35 PALM, Ann Maria  Thu Jul 31, 1884Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P12525
36 PALM, Anna Maria  Tue Oct 27, 1885Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P12526
37 PALM, Christoph  Mon Jan 01, 1855Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P12523
38 PALM, Frieda Gertrud  Sat Jan 07, 1928Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P12538
39 PALM, Johann  Mon Feb 20, 1893Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P12530
40 PALM, Nikolaus  Sat Sep 10, 1887Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P12528
41 PFLIPS, Nikolaus  Thu Jan 15, 1925Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P14953
42 ROSS, Anna Maria Catherine  Thu Apr 27, 1843Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P2886
43 ROSS, Barbara  Tue Apr 15, 1851Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P11041
44 ROSS, Helena  Sat Apr 15, 1843Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P8876
45 ROSS, John Henry  Fri Oct 23, 1840Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P9914
46 ROSS, Marie Ann  Sun Mar 21, 1852Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P8874
47 TURBES, Ann Marie  Mon Dec 29, 1845Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P8877
48 TURBES, Christian  Thu Jun 01, 1854Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P8873
49 TURBES, Christina  Thu Jun 01, 1854Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P10280
50 TURBES, Gertrude "Trude"  Mon Mar 29, 1852Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P9026
51 TURBES, Johann  Thu Nov 02, 1843Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P8875
52 TURBES, Magdalena "Helena"  Wed Jul 24, 1850Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P8871
53 TURBES, Mary  Thu Jan 27, 1842Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P8879
54 TURBES, Peter  Sat Jan 01, 1848Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P2419
55 TURETEN, Anna Katharina  1772Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P2767


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, First Name    Death    Person ID 
1 CHRISTEN, Anna  Mon Sep 26, 1966Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P14950
2 CHRISTEN, Anna Marie  Thu Jun 02, 1910Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P12226
3 CHRISTEN, Nikolaus  Mon Mar 08, 1886Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P14943
4 DROMMER, Anna  Sun Mar 03, 1839Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P9120
5 GOENEN, Helena  Wed Apr 23, 1958Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P12531
6 GROSJEAN, Johann Peter  Sat Dec 02, 1826Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P9119
7 HILLESHEIM, Anna Clara  Tue May 01, 1810Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P4695
8 HILLESHEIM, Anna Maria  Thu Apr 20, 1809Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P2769
9 HILLESHEIM, Gertrud  Sun Apr 06, 1919Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P12522
10 HILLESHEIM, Gertrude  Fri May 23, 1817Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P4696
11 HILLESHEIM, Henry  Sun Mar 23, 1873Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P4699
12 HILLESHEIM, Johann Nikolaus  Thu Nov 02, 1916Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P12524
13 HILLESHEIM, Karl Johannes  Thu Oct 30, 1828Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P2413
14 HILLESHEIM, Maria Catharine  Wed Jan 25, 1843Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P11552
15 HILLESHEIM, Mathias  Wed Apr 10, 1839Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P12222
16 HILLESHEIM, Mathias  Thu Feb 02, 1843Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P3527
17 HILLESHEIM, Peter  Tue Mar 19, 1805Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P12743
18 HILLESHEIM, Peter  Tue Mar 17, 1812Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P4697
19 HILLESHEIM, Peter  Fri Mar 27, 1846Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P12221
20 HILLESHEIM, Still Born  Tue Dec 29, 1818Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P12750
21 MANDERFELD, Anna Catherine  Fri Mar 16, 1855Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P2848
22 PALM, Ann Maria  1884Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P12525
23 PALM, Anna Maria  Sat Jul 28, 1923Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P12526
24 PALM, Johann  Sat Oct 20, 1973Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P12530
25 PFLIPS, Joann  Sat Jan 11, 1964Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P14952
26 TURETEN, Anna Katharina  Sun Sep 11, 1842Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P2767


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, First Name    Burial    Person ID 
1 HILLESHEIM, Karl Johannes  Sun Nov 02, 1828Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany P2413


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 CHRISTEN / BRAND  Sat Jun 27, 1807Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany F4278
2 HILLESHEIM / CHRISTEN  Thu Nov 25, 1858Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany F4277
3 HILLESHEIM / EICHTEN  Sun Feb 11, 1855Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany F758
4 HILLESHEIM / MANDERFELD  Sat Mar 05, 1842Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany F898
5 HILLESHEIM / THOME  Mon Dec 22, 1828Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany F655
6 HILLESHEIM / TURETEN  1801Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany F656
7 PALM / KNAUF  Wed Oct 19, 1921Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany F4418
8 PFLIPS / CHRISTEN  Thu Nov 06, 1913Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany F5324
9 TURBES / GROSJEAN  Fri Feb 05, 1841Manderfeld, Rheinland, Germany F764

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