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Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN



Latitude: 44.1635775° N, Longitude: 93.9993996° W


Matches 1 to 56 of 56

   Last Name, First Name    Birth    Person ID 
1 A., A.M.   P6738
2 A., Z.R.   P6737
3 BLISSENBACH, Ann Marie  Fri Mar 25, 1910Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P11626
4 BLISSENBACH, Helen Augusta  Sun Apr 26, 1908Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P11625
5 BLISSENBACH, Margaret Josephine  Wed Nov 05, 1913Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P11632
6 BLISSENBACH, Walter Joseph  Sun Sep 02, 1906Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P11521
7 B., C.M.   P1156
8 C., D.G.   P6106
9 D., D.A.   P11635
10 G., L.H.   P3386
11 GULDEN, Alois  Tue Jun 10, 1884Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P12188
12 HICKEL, Michael  Sat Aug 24, 1861Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P14478
13 HICKEL, Otilia  Sat Nov 09, 1889Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P14480
14 HILLESHEIM, Anna Catherine  Sun Nov 07, 1869Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P2940
15 HILLESHEIM, Henry Bernard  Tue May 20, 1873Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P2426
16 HILLESHEIM, Magdelina Theresa  Sun May 02, 1875Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P2942
17 HILLESHEIM, Mary  Sun Oct 22, 1871Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P2941
18 HILLESHEIM, Quirnus  Tue Mar 11, 1879Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P2724
19 HODAPP, Clotilda (Sr Edith)  Mon May 20, 1895Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P2976
20 J., J.V.   P6109
21 K., J.J.   P6862
22 M., R.A.   P11709
23 M., A.K.   P6741
24 M., K.M.   P6742
25 M., D.J.   P6471
26 MROTZ, JoAnn Bonnie  Tue Dec 07, 1937Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P12777
27 N., T.J.   P6302
28 P., E.M.   P1160
29 POSTELS, Benjamin Edward  Sun Dec 28, 1913Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P11633
30 P., J.E.   P11638
31 P., K.A.   P11636
32 P., P.M.   P11634
33 R., M.A.   P1230
34 S., C.R.   P14146
35 S., E.R.   P14147
36 S., L.M.   P14150
37 S., L.E.   P14151
38 S., N.E.   P14149
39 S., R.A.   P14148
40 S., B.   P6212
41 S., J.   P6211
42 S., D.A.   P2406
43 S., D.M.   P2407
44 S., H.J.   P6196
45 S., R.J.   P5678
46 THEISSEN, Agnes Bertha  Thu Nov 14, 1918Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P10120
47 THEISSEN, Hubert Nicolaus  Mon May 28, 1877Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P9149
48 VEIGEL, Annie  Fri Jun 02, 1865Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P11268
49 VEIGEL, Regina  Mon Aug 31, 1874Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P12541
50 W., K.   P6791
51 Y., A.R.   P6735
52 Y., D.P.   P6731
53 Y., D.J.   P6733
54 Y., J.K.   P6732
55 Y., J.M.   P6730
56 Y., R.M.   P6734


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, First Name    Death    Person ID 
1 BLISSENBACH, Helen Augusta  Thu Apr 17, 1997Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P11625
2 BLISSENBACH, Joseph  Wed Mar 15, 1939Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P11513
3 BLISSENBACH, Margaret Josephine  Sat Jan 02, 1993Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P11632
4 BLISSENBACH, Walter Joseph  Thu Jul 19, 1962Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P11521
5 BROWN, Mary Ellen  Thu Jan 12, 2006Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P3125
6 BUSCH, Frederick J.  Sun Nov 25, 1934Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P2943
7 DAHM, Mary Catherine  Mon May 24, 1886Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P2726
8 DAHM, Rosa  Fri Jul 02, 1954Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P4489
9 DIETZ, Leona Margaret  Fri Apr 20, 1984Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P1744
10 GLEISNER, Sharon Kay  Wed Feb 11, 2004Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P10289
11 GUGGISBERG, Brent  Tue Mar 06, 2018Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P2060
12 HICKEL, Otilia  Wed May 16, 1979Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P14480
13 HILLESHEIM, Alfred Joseph  Fri Mar 19, 1999Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P2214
14 HILLESHEIM, Florian Christopher  Thu Jan 30, 1969Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P2255
15 HILLESHEIM, Gerald "Jerry"  Sat Mar 12, 2016Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P2442
16 HILLESHEIM, Henry Bernard  Wed May 23, 1923Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P2415
17 HILLESHEIM, Josephine  Fri Jun 09, 1961Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P2722
18 HILLESHEIM, Magdelina Theresa  Fri Jan 03, 1879Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P2942
19 HILLESHEIM, Michael Arnold  Tue Sep 18, 2012Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P4055
20 HILLESHEIM, Quirnus  Sun Aug 03, 1879Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P2724
21 HODAPP, Paul (Rev)  Apr 1985Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P2738
22 HUNEKE, Elizabeth Mary Ann (Sister)  Fri Sep 09, 1955Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P8208
23 KEBER, Anna Marie  Tue Jan 30, 1923Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P2421
24 KOTTEN, Bernard  Sun Nov 27, 1932Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P11772
25 KRZMARZICK, Joel Sylvester  Sat Jan 12, 2002Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P6405
26 KRZMARZICK, Leo Edward (Rev)  Thu Oct 03, 1974Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P13
27 ROLL, Michael  Sat Dec 07, 1895Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P9197
28 ROSENHAMMER, Leander  Fri Jun 25, 2010Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P10485
29 SAUER, Annie  Thu Nov 29, 1894Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P11261
30 SELLNER, Eugene Edward  Thu Jan 23, 2020Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P2538
31 SPAETH, Monica Dorothy  Sun Oct 31, 2010Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P12804
32 SUESS, Erwin Joseph  Fri Nov 09, 2012Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P12803
33 TELSHAW, Arlene  Thu Aug 17, 2006Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P10877
34 ZIMMERMAN, Hedwig  Fri Jan 23, 1903Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P12268
35 ZWACH, Joseph Henry  Tue Feb 06, 2007Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P3460

Alt. Death

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, First Name    Alt. Death    Person ID 
1 KEBER, Anna Marie  Sat Jan 20, 1923Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN P2421


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, First Name    Residence    Person ID 
1 G., G.   P2350


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
2 BLISSENBACH / DAHM  Wed Nov 08, 1899Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN F3981
3 BUSCH / HILLESHEIM  Fri Feb 10, 1893Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN F880
4 DORN / POSTELS   F4027
5 HICKEL / VEIGEL  Tue Feb 12, 1889Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN F5136
6 HILLESHEIM / MORGAN  Tue Jun 24, 1924Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN F891
7 HILLESHEIM / ROLL  Tue Apr 28, 1891Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN F889
8 HODAPP / HILLESHEIM  Tue Jun 12, 1894Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN F887
9 HODAPP / HILLESHEIM  Tue Jun 22, 1915Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN F947
10 JACOBS / UBL   F4173
11 JANS / CALLANAN   F1842
12 MACKDANZ / DAHM   F4054
13 PETERS / TURBES   F3713
14 POSTELS / BLISSENBACH  Mon Oct 16, 1939Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN F4026
16 ROSENHAMMER / TURBES  Sat Oct 11, 1958Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN F3638
18 WORLEY / HILLESHEIM  Thu Nov 20, 1919Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN F954

Alt. Marriage

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Alt. Marriage    Family ID 
1 HILLESHEIM / MORGAN  Tue Jun 24, 1924Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN F891
2 HODAPP / HILLESHEIM  Tue Jun 12, 1894Mankato, Blue Earth Co, MN F887

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