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Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN



Latitude: 44.3264529° N, Longitude: 94.5830789° W


Matches 1 to 62 of 62

   Last Name, First Name    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALTENBURG, Adelia Marie  Thu Feb 26, 1914Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P5668
2 A., A.A.   P5675
3 ALTENBURG, Clarence Vincent  Mon Apr 28, 1919Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P5671
4 A., E.H.   P5676
5 ALTENBURG, Florence Margaret  Fri Mar 30, 1923Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P5674
6 ALTENBURG, Leander F.  Thu Dec 23, 1915Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P5669
7 A., L.M.   P5673
8 ALTENBURG, Lucille Anna  Fri Oct 05, 1917Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P5670
9 A., P.C.   P5677
10 A., R.P.   P5681
11 FORST, Elaine  Sun Aug 01, 1926Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P5638
12 FORST, Orian "Orie"  Sun Apr 25, 1915Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P5639
13 GULDEN, Mary  Tue Dec 08, 1863Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P2939
14 HAUSER, Norbert J.  Sat Nov 17, 1917Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P1802
15 HEINEN, Josephine  Thu Mar 26, 1863Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P7965
16 HENGEL, Anna  1873Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P8344
17 HENGEL, Anton Frank  Mon Apr 01, 1878Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P243
18 HENGEL, Barbara  Apr 1870Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P366
19 HENGEL, Cecilia  Thu Nov 24, 1864Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P46
20 HENGEL, Delores M.  Oct 1915Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P252
21 HENGEL, Elizabeth "Lizzie"  Sun Mar 22, 1868Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P365
22 HENGEL, John Peter  Mon Jul 17, 1876Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P333
23 HENGEL, Marie  1863Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P8343
24 HENGEL, Mathias G.  Fri Jul 31, 1874Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P286
25 HENGEL, Nickolas (Sr)  Sun Jun 03, 1866Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P244
26 HENGEL, Peter S. William (Jr)  Sun May 16, 1880Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P242
27 HENGEL, Rosa  Thu Jun 29, 1882Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P15
28 HENLE, Mary  Mon Dec 08, 1884Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P12185
29 LANDSTEINER, Alfred Henry  Sun Sep 14, 1913Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P3050
30 LANDSTEINER, Alice Bertha  Mon Feb 08, 1915Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P3051
31 LANDSTEINER, Joseph John  Sat May 10, 1919Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P3815
32 MARTI, Victor  Sun Aug 08, 1915Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P1777
33 MILBRETT, Darlene Alma  Sat Mar 26, 1938Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P12497
34 PORTNER, Harry J.  Sat Feb 23, 1918Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P5587
35 PORTNER, Loretta Clara  Thu Oct 06, 1921Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P5634
36 SCHIMSCHOCK, Alice Margaret  Tue May 26, 1925Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P3364
37 SCHIMSCHOCK, Anna C.  Sat Aug 01, 1868Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P5590
38 SCHIMSCHOCK, Florence Marie  Sat Feb 21, 1903Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P11024
39 SCHIMSCHOCK, James Conrad  Tue Sep 27, 1927Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P5722
40 SCHIMSCHOCK, John S.  Tue Sep 14, 1886Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P5692
41 SCHIMSCHOCK, Justina  Mon Jun 11, 1888Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P5691
42 SCHIMSCHOCK, Marcella A.  Tue Nov 22, 1921Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P5672
43 SCHIMSCHOCK, Mary M.  Jul 1890Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P5741
44 SCHIMSCHOCK, Raymond F.  Wed Dec 27, 1922Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P5704
45 SCHMITZ, Edward L.  Thu Jan 21, 1915Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P14028
46 SEIFERT, Alexander  Sat Jul 11, 1891Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P9157
47 S., A.   P10140
48 SEIFERT, Benjamin J.  Mon Mar 11, 1895Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P9161
49 SEIFERT, Charles  Sun Aug 02, 1885Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P9152
50 SEIFERT, Christian John  Sun Oct 08, 1922Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P10142
51 SEIFERT, Emilia "Millie"  Wed Mar 14, 1888Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P8377
52 SEIFERT, Frieda Ann  Fri Oct 06, 1893Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P9159
53 SEIFERT, Henry G.  Fri Aug 22, 1879Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P8699
54 S., H.   P10144
55 SEIFERT, Ida  Mon Feb 10, 1890Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P9155
56 S., L.   P10143
57 SEIFERT, Mathilda Sophie "Tillie"  Tue May 30, 1882Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P9148
58 SEIFERT, Raymond  Sun Feb 13, 1921Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P10141
59 SEIFERT, Sophia  Tue Dec 14, 1880Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P9146
60 SEIFERT, William Andrew  Fri Oct 26, 1883Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P9150
61 THEISSEN, Herbert George  Tue Jan 06, 1903Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P10114
62 ZIEGENHAGEN, Anna  Fri Aug 03, 1888Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P5609


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, First Name    Death    Person ID 
1 HENGEL, Peter  Mon Sep 21, 1903Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P240
2 HILLESHEIM, Ottilia Bertha  Sun Nov 01, 1970Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P2863
3 KONZ, Anna  Sun Nov 08, 1914Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P367
4 PORTNER, Elizabeth Louise  Sun Apr 29, 1917Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P8775
5 SCHIMSCHOCK, John S.  Wed Jun 29, 1955Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P5692

Fact 2

Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, First Name    Fact 2    Person ID 
1 BOETTGER, Albert  Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P3442
2 HILLESHEIM, Bertha  Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P2774
3 HILLESHEIM, Ottilia Bertha  Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P2863


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, First Name    Occupation    Person ID 
1 WILTSCHECK, John  (c1870,80)Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P47
2 WINDSCHITL, Alvin Joseph  Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P3789


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, First Name    Residence    Person ID 
1 HILLESHEIM, Frances M.  1942Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P2920
2 HILLESHEIM, Julia  1942Milford Twp, Brown Co, MN P2918

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