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Matches 1 to 57 of 57

   Last Name, First Name    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anna M.  1834PA P6939
2 Elizabeth  1843PA P10082
3 Hannah E.  May 1848PA P8309
4 Marietta  Abt 1824PA P4449
5 ALEXANDER, Nancy  Sat Jul 21, 1781PA P4346
6 BEATTY, Ann  Abt 1783PA P7813
7 BOURQUIN, Edward H.  1852PA P6938
8 BOURQUIN, Emmeline  Feb 1862PA P159
9 BOURQUIN, John H.  1825PA P6937
10 CANDOR, Maria E  Abt 1850PA P4334
11 COMBS, David M.  1801PA P11374
12 DARLING, Phoebe  Sat Jul 06, 1811PA P7055
13 DENNEY, Mary E.  Tue Oct 20, 1829PA P7640
14 EWING, Israel (I)  Thu Feb 19, 1801PA P7793
15 FINK, John Franklin  Wed Apr 14, 1847PA P7494
16 FISHER, Margaret  Abt 1747PA P6952
17 FULTON, James Cooper (I)  Apr 1874PA P4748
18 GEARHEART, Rush  Abt 1820PA P4273
19 GETTY, Harry K.  Dec 1857PA P85
20 GETTY, John A.  Oct 1854PA P8305
21 HARBISON, Elizabeth  Tue May 01, 1764PA P7169
22 HOUSEL, Addison C.  Abt 1877PA P4335
23 HOUSEL, Charles Wesley  Thu Oct 03, 1799PA P2653
24 HOUSEL, Harriet  Abt 1843PA P3887
25 HOUSEL, Percy L.  Abt 1875PA P4336
26 HOUSEL, William K.  1858PA P4472
27 HUGHES, William (I)  1680PA P5400
28 HUMPHREY, Charles  1712PA P12592
29 HUMPHREY, Hannah  1718PA P12593
30 HUMPHREY, Thomas M.  Thu Jun 14, 1742PA P11324
31 JONES, Mary J.  Apr 1844PA P7469
32 KELLER, Mary  1831PA P8304
33 KOCH, Ora S.  Abt 1873PA P4118
34 LESLIE, Elijah  Abt 1795PA P7757
35 LIDYARD, John  1693PA P11370
36 LIDYARD, Uriah  1720PA P11332
37 MACKEY, Mary Jane  1828PA P11213
38 MARKS, John  1716PA P11331
39 MARKS, Mary  Mon May 14, 1742PA P11325
40 MCNEILL, Nancy  Abt 1803PA P7884
41 MCNEILL, Thomas  Mon Jul 06, 1801PA P7883
42 MILLER, Elizabeth H.  Abt 1804PA P2669
43 MURRAY, Harriet M.  1823PA P161
44 MURRAY, James C.  Sun Feb 17, 1828PA P83
45 MURRAY, John Bryson  May 1833PA P156
46 MURRAY, Thomas Housel  Jul 1825PA P157
47 OESCHGER, George  1870PA P4119
48 ORTH, Nerissa E.  Dec 1845PA P1850
49 SMITH, Ann  1829PA P7737
50 SWEENEY, James Neal  Sun Jul 24, 1836PA P7465
51 VASTINE, Rachael  Mon Nov 15, 1802PA P2667
52 WEST, John Sr.  Tue Mar 09, 1762PA P7056
53 WHEATLEY, Charity  1687PA P11372
54 WHITE, Mary M.  Mar 1829PA P7467
55 WINKLEMAN, Barbara Ann  Feb 1864PA P7417
56 WINN, Ann "Nancy"  Abt 1756PA P6942
57 WRAGG, Joseph  Fri Jan 22, 1808PA P5113


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, First Name    Death    Person ID 
1 Jean\Jeannet  Aft 1757PA P6959
2 EWING, John I  Jun 1775PA P7166
3 FISHER, Margaret  Abt 1778PA P6952
4 HUMPHREY, Charles  1757PA P12592
5 LEWIS, Mary Ann Delaney  Mon Sep 07, 1846PA P7113
6 LIDYARD, John  Thu Apr 25, 1748PA P11370
7 VASTINE, Rachael  Sun Nov 08, 1863PA P2667


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 FULTON / BIRCH  Sat Jan 05, 1878PA F2847
2 HOUSEL / BECK  Abt 1834PA F1240
3 HOUSEL / VASTINE  Sun Feb 11, 1821PA F1196
4 HUGHES / BOONE  Abt 1724PA F2417
5 MILLER / DABNEY  Tue Jan 26, 1819PA F1211
6 MURRAY / TAGGERT  Mar 1847PA F78

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