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Springfield, Brown Co, MN



Latitude: 44.2388271° N, Longitude: 94.9741654° W


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   Last Name, First Name    Birth    Person ID 
1 ARNDT, Lennis  Sat May 01, 1948Springfield, Brown Co, MN P11033
2 BERG, Arnold Joseph (Monsignor)  Sun Aug 09, 1908Springfield, Brown Co, MN P4196
3 BERG, Leo Arnold  Tue Jun 04, 1912Springfield, Brown Co, MN P4197
4 BERG, Sylvester  Mon Aug 25, 1902Springfield, Brown Co, MN P4174
5 CALLANAN, Edward C.  Sat Sep 25, 1954Springfield, Brown Co, MN P6103
6 C., J.E.   P6101
7 C., J.M.   P6102
8 C., K.G.   P6105
9 CALLANAN, Patrick E.  Mon Sep 05, 1955Springfield, Brown Co, MN P6104
10 FILZEN, Marilyn C.  Thu Nov 22, 1923Springfield, Brown Co, MN P3737
11 FILZEN, Victor P.  Sat Mar 20, 1915Springfield, Brown Co, MN P3736
12 G., M.R.   P1137
13 G., R.M.   P14487
14 GROEBNER, Edward J.  Sun Aug 12, 1917Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2327
15 G., E.F.   P2437
16 GROEBNER, Florence  Fri Oct 04, 1918Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2326
17 HAUGER, Lawrence "Sam"  Sun Nov 15, 1925Springfield, Brown Co, MN P3950
18 H., A.   P2429
19 H., A.F.   P2294
20 H., B.L.   P2217
21 H., B.M.   P9234
22 H., C.L.   P9247
23 HILLESHEIM, Christopher Edward  Mon Feb 25, 1924Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2296
24 H., C.M.   P9232
25 HILLESHEIM, Cletus John  Fri Apr 03, 1931Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2297
26 H., D.   P2444
27 H., E.   P2443
28 HILLESHEIM, Gerald "Jerry"  Wed Jul 26, 1944Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2442
29 HILLESHEIM, Girl  Sat Apr 15, 1922Springfield, Brown Co, MN P3777
30 H., J.L.   P9238
31 H., J.M.   P2810
32 HILLESHEIM, Jennifer Michelle  Thu Jul 24, 1975Springfield, Brown Co, MN P9233
33 HILLESHEIM, Judith Ann  Tue Jul 20, 1948Springfield, Brown Co, MN P3953
34 H., K.A.   P9249
35 H., L.W.   P2497
36 H., L.   P2463
37 H., L.J.   P2498
38 H., L.E.   P2496
39 H., L.R.   P2495
40 H., M.E.   P2503
41 H., M.J.   P9248
42 H., T.   P2441
43 HILLESHEIM, Virginia Kay  Tue Apr 04, 1950Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2502
44 JUENEMANN, Irene Mathilda  Mon Oct 28, 1918Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2339
45 JUENEMANN, Marilyn Elizabeth  Sun Jan 03, 1932Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2267
46 KOTTEN, Elianora Hilda  Sun Nov 21, 1897Springfield, Brown Co, MN P10357
47 KOTTEN, Hubert Arnold  Wed Jun 10, 1896Springfield, Brown Co, MN P9214
48 K., J.   P1032
49 KRUEGER, Evelyn  Wed Nov 18, 1931Springfield, Brown Co, MN P12793
50 K., G.R.   P18
51 K., M.R.   P6129
52 LAU, Jerome  Sun Jan 29, 1922Springfield, Brown Co, MN P10587
53 MACHT, Doris  Sun Nov 18, 1928Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2245
54 MERTZ, Veronica Theresa  Thu Sep 10, 1914Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2583
55 M., C.   P6116
56 M., D.   P6114
57 M., J.M.   P6215
58 M., L.   P6115
59 M., V.   P6117
60 M., Z.   P6126
61 MILLER, Glennis Arthur "bud"  Thu Jul 28, 1927Springfield, Brown Co, MN P8587
62 M., M.L.   P6587
63 M., R.A.   P6588
64 N., D.M.   P8063
65 N., D.M.   P8068
66 NACHREINER, Denis Milton Anthony  Tue Mar 11, 1930Springfield, Brown Co, MN P8053
67 N., D.M.M.   P8056
68 N., D.M.T.   P8054
69 N., D.M.A.   P8057
70 NACHREINER, Lydia Agnes  1915Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2346
71 PANKRATZ, Caroline  Mon Oct 26, 1885Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2988
72 PLATZ, Gilbert  Mon Apr 26, 1937Springfield, Brown Co, MN P3954
73 PLATZ, Joe Jr  Sat Oct 22, 1932Springfield, Brown Co, MN P10464
74 PLATZ, Monica  Mon Dec 11, 1961Springfield, Brown Co, MN P10452
75 PRECHEL, Marjorie P.  Tue Jul 24, 1934Springfield, Brown Co, MN P9251

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   Last Name, First Name    Death    Person ID 
1 BERG, Carol Julene  Wed Apr 10, 2019Springfield, Brown Co, MN P4190
2 CALLANAN, Edward W.  Mon May 11, 1998Springfield, Brown Co, MN P6099
3 EVANS, Amelia V.  Sun Oct 07, 1984Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2260
4 GAG, Donna Mae  Thu Dec 30, 2010Springfield, Brown Co, MN P1210
5 GORES, Gertrude Ann  Fri Nov 14, 1986Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2301
6 GRAMSE, Pearl K.  Sat Sep 15, 2001Springfield, Brown Co, MN P3624
7 GRAUSAM, Gerald  Sat Oct 11, 2003Springfield, Brown Co, MN P3751
8 GRAUSAM, John  Thu Aug 03, 1967Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2734
9 GROEBNER, Edward J.  Sun Aug 16, 1964Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2327
10 GROEBNER, Leo J.  Thu Jun 19, 1986Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2343
11 HAALA, Leonard William  Thu Dec 19, 1996Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2382
12 HAUTH, Leroy  Sun Jul 01, 2012Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2379
13 HEILING, Agnes  Fri Dec 06, 1968Springfield, Brown Co, MN P10625
14 HELLER, Margaret Ida  Sun Jul 29, 1984Springfield, Brown Co, MN P3456
15 HILLESHEIM, Girl  Sat Apr 15, 1922Springfield, Brown Co, MN P3777
16 HILLESHEIM, Jennifer Michelle  Thu Jul 24, 1975Springfield, Brown Co, MN P9233
17 HILLESHEIM, Maria Josephine  Tue Nov 22, 1927Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2855
18 HILLESHEIM, Sylvester Otto "Vesty"  Fri Mar 11, 2011Springfield, Brown Co, MN P1880
19 HILLESHEIM, Veronica B.  Sat Feb 10, 1979Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2320
20 HILLESHEIM, Virginia Kay  Mon Dec 03, 2012Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2502
21 HORNICK, Louis  Sat Sep 09, 1961Springfield, Brown Co, MN P9204
22 JENSEN, Adam Lawrence  Fri Dec 20, 2013Springfield, Brown Co, MN P1530
23 JUENEMANN, Bennett  Mon Jul 11, 2016Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2366
24 JUENEMANN, Dolores Anna  Mon Nov 20, 2000Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2802
25 JUENEMANN, Irene Mathilda  Mon Jul 31, 1972Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2339
26 KARGL, Fracis Franciska  Tue Apr 02, 1918Springfield, Brown Co, MN P12812
27 KOTTEN, Hubert Arnold  Thu Mar 01, 1962Springfield, Brown Co, MN P9214
28 KOTTEN, Otillia Elizabeth  May 1979Springfield, Brown Co, MN P3716
29 KRAL, Gladys M.  Tue Nov 22, 2011Springfield, Brown Co, MN P12786
30 LANG, Eleanor Sophia  Fri Nov 19, 2004Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2240
31 LANG, Michael  Fri Mar 03, 1972Springfield, Brown Co, MN P12413
32 LOSLEBEN, Rose Clara  Wed Nov 09, 1994Springfield, Brown Co, MN P4175
33 LUDEWIG, Frederick  Tue May 29, 2012Springfield, Brown Co, MN P12796
34 MARTI, Victor  Mon Nov 03, 2003Springfield, Brown Co, MN P1777
35 MEIDL, Mary  Wed Mar 10, 1920Springfield, Brown Co, MN P14645
36 NACHREINER, Denis Milton Anthony  Mon Mar 19, 2007Springfield, Brown Co, MN P8053
37 NACHREINER, Madonna Elizabeth  Sat Dec 10, 2022Springfield, Brown Co, MN P8287
38 PANKRATZ, Henry W.  Mon Apr 23, 2001Springfield, Brown Co, MN P3497
39 PASCHER, Mary Rosalie  Tue Mar 16, 2004Springfield, Brown Co, MN P1971
40 PLATZ, Ervin J.  Mon Feb 18, 2002Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2340
41 PLATZ, Marie  Sat Sep 19, 1998Springfield, Brown Co, MN P10624
42 PLATZ, Monica  Wed Nov 27, 2019Springfield, Brown Co, MN P10452
43 PLATZ, Norbert A.  Sun Oct 29, 1995Springfield, Brown Co, MN P3747
44 REINER, Albert Joseph  Wed May 22, 2013Springfield, Brown Co, MN P4693
45 RICHERT, Robert J.  Wed May 31, 1989Springfield, Brown Co, MN P8667
46 RIEDERER, Marie C.  Tue Apr 14, 2015Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2753
47 ROSS, John Henry  Springfield, Brown Co, MN P9914
48 SCHAEFFLER, Irene  Tue Jun 19, 2012Springfield, Brown Co, MN P10522
49 SCHROEPFER, Agnes  Fri Jun 28, 1996Springfield, Brown Co, MN P8635
50 SCHROEPFER, Marcella Bertha  Thu Aug 04, 1994Springfield, Brown Co, MN P8656
51 SEIFERT, Alexander  Tue Jul 26, 1955Springfield, Brown Co, MN P9157
52 STURM, Elizabeth  Mon May 24, 1971Springfield, Brown Co, MN P12414
53 SWARD, George Emmanuel  Fri Jan 22, 1982Springfield, Brown Co, MN P10600
54 TURBES, Albert Alexander  Fri Mar 14, 1980Springfield, Brown Co, MN P3720
55 TURBES, Angela M.  Sat May 15, 2004Springfield, Brown Co, MN P10484
56 TURBES, Barbara Ann  Sun Apr 15, 1956Springfield, Brown Co, MN P12727
57 TURBES, Bernard Nicholas  Sat Nov 14, 1998Springfield, Brown Co, MN P3722
58 TURBES, David Arnold  Fri May 22, 1981Springfield, Brown Co, MN P10741
59 TURBES, Edward  Tue Mar 21, 1995Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2765
60 TURBES, Gloria  Wed Aug 10, 2022Springfield, Brown Co, MN P10448
61 TURBES, Henry A.  Wed Mar 12, 1941Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2425
62 TURBES, Infant  1936Springfield, Brown Co, MN P12728
63 TURBES, James L.  Sat Aug 09, 1997Springfield, Brown Co, MN P10630
64 TURBES, Johann  Thu Sep 07, 1911Springfield, Brown Co, MN P8875
65 TURBES, Leo Roman  Thu Jul 24, 1980Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2764
66 TURBES, Magdalena "Helena"  Fri Dec 27, 1912Springfield, Brown Co, MN P8871
67 TURBES, Mary  Thu Feb 10, 1898Springfield, Brown Co, MN P8879
68 TURBES, Mary J.  Sat May 17, 1980Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2895
69 TURBES, Myrtle Baby  Tue Jul 22, 1947Springfield, Brown Co, MN P12726
70 TURBES, Peter  Fri Apr 19, 1935Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2419
71 TURBES, Peter  Wed Jan 03, 1973Springfield, Brown Co, MN P3719
72 VEIGEL, Annie  Thu May 22, 1952Springfield, Brown Co, MN P11268
73 VEIGEL, Joseph  Thu Jun 01, 1899Springfield, Brown Co, MN P8880
74 VOGEL, Curtis Edward  Sat Apr 28, 1990Springfield, Brown Co, MN P9333
75 WENISCH, Mary  Thu Oct 12, 1939Springfield, Brown Co, MN P3718

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   Last Name, First Name    Burial    Person ID 
1 BERG, Arnold Joseph (Monsignor)  Springfield, Brown Co, MN P4196
2 MACHT, Doris  Wed Nov 23, 2005Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2245
3 RICHERT, Robert J.  Springfield, Brown Co, MN P8667
4 SCHROEPFER, Irene K.  Springfield, Brown Co, MN P8666
5 TURBES, Loretta  Tue Dec 23, 2003Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2760
6 TURBES, Mathew L.  Sat Feb 28, 2004Springfield, Brown Co, MN P3711
7 TURBES, Victor Sylvester  Tue Aug 31, 2004Springfield, Brown Co, MN P3713

Alt. Death

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   Last Name, First Name    Alt. Death    Person ID 
1 FERNKES, Annie  Feb 1974Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2989
2 GRAMSE, Pearl K.  Sat Sep 15, 2001Springfield, Brown Co, MN P3624
3 GROEBNER, Edward J.  Sun Aug 16, 1964Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2327
4 HILLESHEIM, Maria Josephine  Thu Nov 24, 1927Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2855


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   Last Name, First Name    Residence    Person ID 
1 HILLESHEIM, Christopher Arnold  1929Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2250
2 HILLESHEIM, Florian Christopher  1958Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2255
3 HILLESHEIM, Marie Barbara  1929Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2787
4 HILLESHEIM, Raymond Joseph  1994Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2345
5 PANKRATZ, Leo  1918Springfield, Brown Co, MN P2825


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
4 FILZEN / TURBES  Tue May 21, 1901Springfield, Brown Co, MN F885
5 GRAUSAM / ALBERTSON  Thu Oct 14, 1937Springfield, Brown Co, MN F3768
6 GREEN / TURBES   F3606
7 GROEBNER / JUENEMANN  Tue Sep 19, 1939Springfield, Brown Co, MN F724
8 HALL / FESER   F3728
9 HILLESHEIM / DELECHUGA  Thu Dec 27, 2007Springfield, Brown Co, MN F4556
10 HILLESHEIM / GROEBNER  Wed Apr 24, 1940Springfield, Brown Co, MN F717
11 HILLESHEIM / GROEBNER  Tue Feb 19, 1946Springfield, Brown Co, MN F642
13 HILLESHEIM / NACHREINER  Wed Sep 09, 1936Springfield, Brown Co, MN F726
14 HILLESHEIM / NACHREINER  Mon Sep 30, 1946Springfield, Brown Co, MN F714
15 HILLESHEIM / PASCHER  Tue Aug 27, 1946Springfield, Brown Co, MN F560
19 ISAKSEN / PLATZ  Wed Sep 29, 1926Springfield, Brown Co, MN F3750
20 JENNIGES / TURBES  Tue Nov 22, 1892Springfield, Brown Co, MN F1168
22 KRAL / SOLYNTJES  Tue Jun 15, 1937Springfield, Brown Co, MN F267
24 LAU / KOTTEN  Tue Jun 03, 1919Springfield, Brown Co, MN F3667
26 PLATZ / ANDERSON  Tue Jan 16, 1940Springfield, Brown Co, MN F3760
27 PLATZ / KRATZ  Wed Sep 14, 1938Springfield, Brown Co, MN F3757
28 PLATZ / TURBES  Tue Aug 27, 1957Springfield, Brown Co, MN F3631
29 SCHMITZ / FILZEN  Wed Jun 01, 1932Springfield, Brown Co, MN F3725
30 SCHMITZ / GOCHE   F3731
32 SCHOTZKO / VEIGEL  Tue Sep 04, 1900Springfield, Brown Co, MN F4532
33 STAGE / TURBES  Sat Feb 18, 1950Springfield, Brown Co, MN F3774
34 SWARD / KOTTEN  Wed Oct 16, 1929Springfield, Brown Co, MN F3675
35 THEBADO / SWARD   F3676
37 TURBES / ALTERMATT  Springfield, Brown Co, MN F3626
38 TURBES / BAKKER   F3628
40 TURBES / HEILING  Tue Oct 10, 1933Springfield, Brown Co, MN F3682
41 TURBES / KOSEL   F3709
42 TURBES / LANG  Wed Oct 26, 1932Springfield, Brown Co, MN F664
43 TURBES / MACHT  Sat Aug 21, 1954Springfield, Brown Co, MN F1131
45 TURBES / WENISCH  Tue Feb 25, 1930Springfield, Brown Co, MN F782
48 VEIGEL / AUGUSTIN  Tue Jul 07, 1896Springfield, Brown Co, MN F4531
50 WENISCH / TURBES  Tue May 21, 1935Springfield, Brown Co, MN F897
51 WERSAL / KRUEGER  Wed Aug 18, 1954Springfield, Brown Co, MN F4524

Alt. Marriage

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   Family    Alt. Marriage    Family ID 
1 HILLESHEIM / GROEBNER  Fri May 24, 1940Springfield, Brown Co, MN F717
2 HILLESHEIM / NACHREINER  Thu Sep 09, 1937Springfield, Brown Co, MN F726

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