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Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN



Latitude: 44.2475148° N, Longitude: 94.6657027° W


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   Last Name, First Name    Birth    Person ID 
1 BERG, Anton Henry  Fri Jul 09, 1875Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2902
2 BRAULICK, Benjamin Otto  Tue Nov 21, 1933Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P12791
3 BRAUN, Alvin Joseph  Fri Jun 17, 1932Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P8250
4 BRAUN, Rosile  Thu Mar 08, 1923Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P1775
5 ECKSTEIN, Amelia  Fri Jul 10, 1896Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P8683
6 ECKSTEIN, Anton R.  Tue Dec 04, 1906Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P8687
7 ECKSTEIN, Theresa  1908Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P8688
8 FISCHER, Veronica Theresa  Sun Sep 19, 1920Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P14032
9 HAALA, Leonard William  Tue Oct 12, 1915Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2382
10 HELGET, Delmar William  Mon Dec 22, 1930Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P879
11 HELGET, Sylvester Louis  Sat Feb 19, 1921Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2311
12 HELGET, Vernard J.  Fri Mar 20, 1925Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P12181
13 HILLESHEIM, Agatha Clara  Tue Feb 05, 1895Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2257
14 HILLESHEIM, Albert Joseph  Thu May 29, 1924Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2324
15 HILLESHEIM, Anna "Annie" Loretta  Tue Aug 07, 1883Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2880
16 HILLESHEIM, Anna C.  Thu Jan 02, 1873Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2901
17 HILLESHEIM, Anton Henry  Mon Aug 16, 1875Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2903
18 HILLESHEIM, Arnold  Tue Feb 11, 1868Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2777
19 HILLESHEIM, Arnold Meinrad  Tue Jan 16, 1912Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P1879
20 HILLESHEIM, Arnold Oscar  Thu Aug 08, 1901Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P3452
21 HILLESHEIM, Arthur Jacob  Mon Apr 29, 1907Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2580
22 HILLESHEIM, Catherine Anna  Mon Aug 03, 1903Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P8499
23 HILLESHEIM, Charles Ernest  Sun Apr 19, 1914Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P1895
24 HILLESHEIM, Christina Anna  Mon Sep 12, 1881Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P3893
25 HILLESHEIM, Clara  Mon Sep 27, 1880Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2905
26 HILLESHEIM, Clara Ann  Sat Mar 04, 1911Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P3448
27 HILLESHEIM, Clarence Joseph  Thu Feb 06, 1913Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P1881
28 HILLESHEIM, Donald Hubert  Sat Dec 06, 1919Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2206
29 HILLESHEIM, Edmund Joseph  Sat Jan 12, 1907Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P3658
30 HILLESHEIM, Edwin Jacob  Sun Oct 01, 1916Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2286
31 HILLESHEIM, Eleanora S.  Thu Apr 23, 1903Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P3453
32 HILLESHEIM, Elizabeth  Fri Nov 19, 1915Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2299
33 HILLESHEIM, Ellinora  Wed Mar 25, 1908Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P12284
34 HILLESHEIM, Emma  Mon May 09, 1910Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2908
35 HILLESHEIM, Felix Anton  Tue Jan 12, 1904Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2912
36 HILLESHEIM, Florian Christopher  Wed Jul 27, 1892Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2255
37 HILLESHEIM, Frances M.  Fri Apr 08, 1898Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2920
38 HILLESHEIM, Frank Anton  Wed May 01, 1889Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2254
39 HILLESHEIM, George Nicholas  Sun Sep 29, 1878Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2750
40 HILLESHEIM, Gertrude Mathilda "Mattie"  Mon Oct 08, 1888Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2884
41 HILLESHEIM, Hedwig O. "Hattie"  Wed Jul 20, 1910Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P1885
42 HILLESHEIM, Heinrich Alfred  Fri Jan 23, 1880Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2877
43 HILLESHEIM, Henry Frank  Tue Dec 19, 1911Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2277
44 HILLESHEIM, Henry R. Aloysius  Wed Feb 19, 1896Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2789
45 HILLESHEIM, Herman J.  Wed Nov 10, 1909Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2279
46 HILLESHEIM, John Henry  Sat Aug 09, 1884Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2253
47 HILLESHEIM, Joseph W.  Fri Jan 10, 1902Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2914
48 HILLESHEIM, Josephine  Mon Jul 12, 1869Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2898
49 HILLESHEIM, Julia  Mon Jul 24, 1899Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2918
50 HILLESHEIM, Kenneth William  Sun Nov 18, 1923Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P1883
51 HILLESHEIM, Laura A.  Fri Jun 02, 1916Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P3445
52 HILLESHEIM, Lawrence Peter  Tue Jan 19, 1932Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2322
53 HILLESHEIM, Leona F.  Wed Dec 27, 1916Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P1887
54 HILLESHEIM, Leonard John H.  Fri Jul 13, 1906Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2285
55 HILLESHEIM, Linus Francis  Thu Oct 29, 1925Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2820
56 HILLESHEIM, Loretta J.  Sat Sep 28, 1918Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2811
57 HILLESHEIM, Marcella Margaret  Mon Mar 31, 1930Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2829
58 HILLESHEIM, Margaret  Tue Jun 29, 1869Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2778
59 HILLESHEIM, Margaret Philomena  Sat Oct 24, 1914Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2283
60 HILLESHEIM, Maria Caroline "Emma"  Sat Nov 11, 1871Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2849
61 HILLESHEIM, Marie Barbara  Mon Dec 08, 1890Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2787
62 HILLESHEIM, Marion Mary  Sun Jul 14, 1918Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P1893
63 H., M.F.   P4037
64 HILLESHEIM, Mary Josephine  Sat Sep 08, 1900Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2916
65 HILLESHEIM, Mary Josephine  Wed Mar 25, 1908Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P12283
66 HILLESHEIM, Meinrad Edward (Jr)  Sat Dec 29, 1934Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P1884
67 HILLESHEIM, Nicholas Benjamin  Tue May 20, 1913Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2280
68 H., P.N.   P3937
69 HILLESHEIM, Raymond John  Wed Jun 23, 1920Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P1882
70 HILLESHEIM, Rosa Margaret  Sun Aug 20, 1893Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2256
71 HILLESHEIM, Rose Anastasia  Tue Aug 02, 1904Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P12281
72 HILLESHEIM, Rose Angeline  Mon Jan 02, 1905Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2282
73 HILLESHEIM, Rosella Anna Marie  Wed May 20, 1931Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P1889
74 HILLESHEIM, Sylvester Otto "Vesty"  Fri Oct 07, 1921Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P1880
75 H., V.V.C.   P2284

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   Last Name, First Name    Death    Person ID 
1 ECKSTEIN, Anton  Wed Oct 25, 1882Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P8281
2 HILLESHEIM, Arnold Oscar  Sun Aug 18, 1901Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P3452
3 HILLESHEIM, Arthur Jacob  Sat Aug 26, 1911Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2580
4 HILLESHEIM, Edmund Peter  Sun Jun 23, 1946Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2305
5 HILLESHEIM, Eleanora S.  Sat May 09, 1903Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P3453
6 HILLESHEIM, Elizabeth  Wed Nov 24, 1915Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2299
7 HILLESHEIM, Heinrich "Henry"  Wed Apr 19, 1876Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2900
8 HILLESHEIM, Laura A.  Sat Jul 22, 1916Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P3445
9 HILLESHEIM, Marcella Margaret  Wed Apr 02, 1930Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2829
10 KASTNER, Anna  Sun Jun 18, 1961Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P12817
11 KRZMARZICK, Elizabeth  Sat Jul 16, 1921Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P6041
12 REWITZER, Elizabeth  Mon Apr 02, 1917Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2904


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, First Name    Residence    Person ID 
1 HILLESHEIM, Catherine Anna  1946Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P8499
2 HILLESHEIM, Frank Anton  1929Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2254
3 HILLESHEIM, Henry R. Aloysius  1929Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2789
4 HILLESHEIM, Joseph Anton  1929Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2249
5 HILLESHEIM, Joseph W.  1942Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2914
6 HILLESHEIM, Mary Josephine  1942Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2916
7 HILLESHEIM, Nicholas Benjamin  1946Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2280
8 HILLESHEIM, Rose Angeline  1946Stark Twp, Brown Co, MN P2282

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