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Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN



Latitude: 44.1666648° N, Longitude: 94.7898731° W


Matches 1 to 69 of 69

   Last Name, First Name    Birth    Person ID 
1 AUGUSTIN, Edwin R.  Mon Oct 11, 1915Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P6743
2 AUGUSTIN, Perry Michael  Wed Aug 06, 1919Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P11168
3 FISCHER, Gertrude Catherine  Thu May 03, 1923Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P1976
4 HATLING, Alvin Bernard  Fri May 08, 1914Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P6292
5 HILLESHEIM, Agnes M.  Wed Mar 12, 1913Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P2546
6 HILLESHEIM, Ann  Sun May 18, 1873Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P11583
7 HILLESHEIM, Baby  Wed Dec 14, 1887Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P11585
8 HILLESHEIM, Barbara L.  Sun Apr 02, 1882Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P3044
9 HILLESHEIM, Edmund Peter  Fri Sep 14, 1917Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P2305
10 HILLESHEIM, Florence Christina  Fri Nov 13, 1925Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P2307
11 HILLESHEIM, Helen Katherine  Fri Dec 07, 1923Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P2308
12 HILLESHEIM, James Florian  Fri May 14, 1920Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P2306
13 HILLESHEIM, John  Tue Aug 31, 1875Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P3451
14 HILLESHEIM, Katherine R.  Tue Apr 14, 1885Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P3045
15 HILLESHEIM, Marie Anna  Sat Oct 23, 1915Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P2304
16 HILLESHEIM, Martin  Mon Dec 06, 1886Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P11584
17 HILLESHEIM, Mary  Tue Feb 25, 1879Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P6510
18 HILLESHEIM, Mathias  Wed Sep 26, 1877Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P3450
19 KONZ, Anna  Sat Jun 14, 1873Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P367
20 KRZMARZICK, Archibald Andrew J.  Thu Nov 27, 1913Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P26
21 KRZMARZICK, Petronilla Marie (Patty)  Mon Jan 22, 1917Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P6086
22 LAUX, Henry John  Mon Apr 20, 1896Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P11509
23 LAUX, Michael  Sat Feb 02, 1895Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P11587
24 NEID, Agnes Anna  Thu Jan 27, 1916Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P14483
25 RATHMAN, Veronica  Mon Feb 22, 1909Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P4038
26 RIEDERER, Frances M.  Wed Apr 15, 1891Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P14
27 S., C.A.   P11531
28 SCHLEIF, Ethelbert Henry James  Fri Dec 06, 1901Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P11503
29 SCHLEIF, Mary  Mon Feb 17, 1941Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P11596
30 S., V.A.   P11594
31 SCHROEPFER, Agnes  1908Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P8635
32 SCHROEPFER, Henry John  Mon May 01, 1899Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P8632
33 SCHROEPFER, Lucille Marion  Fri Sep 01, 1916Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P8657
34 SCHROEPFER, Mary B.  Wed Mar 09, 1904Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P8634
35 SELLNER, Aloysius John  Fri Sep 01, 1916Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P2797
36 SELLNER, Andrew Michael  Thu Jun 28, 1917Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P12486
37 SELLNER, Arthur Joseph  Wed Jul 27, 1921Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P1894
38 SELLNER, Gertrude A.  Sun Mar 30, 1924Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P2275
39 SELLNER, Hubert Joseph  Thu Jan 27, 1910Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P2271
40 SELLNER, Josephine Christina  Thu Jul 04, 1918Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P2798
41 SELLNER, Mathilda Margaret  Sat Aug 26, 1911Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P2272
42 SELLNER, Norbert Frank  Sun Feb 26, 1922Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P2276
43 SELLNER, Peter John  Tue Jun 08, 1915Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P2532
44 SELLNER, Phillip Andrew (Sr)  Wed Oct 22, 1919Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P1506
45 SELLNER, Raymond Joseph  Thu Jul 01, 1920Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P2273
46 SELLNER, Sylvester Joseph  Thu May 15, 1913Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P2274
47 TAUER, Hilarius John "Larry"  Tue Dec 15, 1914Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P1442
48 W., A.M.   P3785
49 WINDSCHITL, Alvin Joseph  Sat Nov 30, 1929Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P3789
50 WINDSCHITL, Angeline  Sat Jan 02, 1904Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P9217
51 WINDSCHITL, Anna (Sister)  Wed Dec 21, 1892Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P9210
52 WINDSCHITL, Anton Louis  Wed Dec 03, 1890Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P2921
53 WINDSCHITL, Arnold J.  Tue Feb 13, 1923Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P249
54 WINDSCHITL, Bartl  Sat Aug 24, 1895Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P9211
55 WINDSCHITL, Carl Joseph  Sat Jul 17, 1897Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P9201
56 WINDSCHITL, Edmund  Sun Dec 01, 1901Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P9215
57 WINDSCHITL, Eleanor  Wed Aug 09, 1916Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P2524
58 WINDSCHITL, Frank  Sun May 23, 1886Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P9207
59 W., J.C.   P3791
60 W., J.H.   P6007
61 WINDSCHITL, Joseph  Sat Nov 17, 1888Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P9209
62 W., L.   P4091
63 WINDSCHITL, Lyle George  Tue Nov 24, 1925Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P4089
64 WINDSCHITL, Marie A.  Mon Aug 15, 1921Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P3068
65 WINDSCHITL, Martin  Tue Nov 11, 1884Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P9205
66 WINDSCHITL, Mary  Sat Jan 14, 1882Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P9203
67 WINDSCHITL, Michael  Sat Sep 14, 1901Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P2521
68 WINDSCHITL, Raymond  Wed Feb 14, 1923Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P3783
69 WINDSCHITL, Teresa  Mon May 29, 1899Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P9213


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, First Name    Death    Person ID 
1 AUGUSTIN, Edwin R.  Sat Dec 07, 1985Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P6743
2 HILLESHEIM, Ann  Sun Sep 14, 1873Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P11583
3 HILLESHEIM, Baby  Wed Dec 14, 1887Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P11585
4 HILLESHEIM, John  Tue Apr 18, 1876Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P3451
5 HILLESHEIM, Maria Caroline "Emma"  Tue Apr 28, 1896Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P2849
6 HILLESHEIM, Martin  Tue Dec 07, 1886Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P11584
7 HILLESHEIM, Mary  Thu May 17, 1973Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P6510
8 HILLESHEIM, Mathias  Wed Oct 03, 1877Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P3450
9 KRZMARZICK, Florence Frances  Fri Apr 26, 1996Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P24
10 LAUX, Michael  Sat Feb 02, 1895Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P11587
11 MATHIOWETZ, Annie  Sat Mar 26, 1938Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P8937
12 MATHIOWETZ, Joseph  Sun Feb 20, 1916Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P8939
13 ROSS, Anna Maria Catherine  Sat Oct 29, 1921Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P2886
14 SELLNER, Bertha N.  Fri Oct 09, 1942Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P2264
15 SELLNER, Joseph A.  Tue May 16, 1944Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P3892
16 WINDSCHITL, Frank  Sun Aug 30, 1942Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P8938
17 WINDSCHITL, Joseph  Mon Jan 11, 1897Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P9209


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, First Name    Burial    Person ID 
1 WINDSCHITL, Angeline  Sat Feb 19, 1921Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P9217

Alt. Death

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, First Name    Alt. Death    Person ID 
1 SELLNER, Bertha N.  Fri Oct 09, 1942Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P2264
2 SELLNER, Joseph A.  Fri May 16, 1941Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P3892


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, First Name    Residence    Person ID 
1 HILLESHEIM, Christina Anna  1929Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P3893
2 HILLESHEIM, John Henry  1929Mulligan Twp, Brown Co, MN P2253

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