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Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN



Latitude: 44.2980556° N, Longitude: 94.7263889° W


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   Last Name, First Name    Birth    Person ID 
1 Magdalen B. Schmitz  Sat Mar 11, 1893Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P8994
2 BERTRAND, Mathilde Catherine  Sun May 02, 1897Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P5751
3 B., L.J.   P12418
4 B., J.M.   P219
5 B., J.   P220
6 B., M.   P6034
7 B., M.K.   P6033
8 B., R.   P6032
9 B., G.P.   P3951
10 B., M.L.   P5612
11 DIETZ, Agnes Barbara  1931Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P5948
12 D., A.W.   P5947
13 DIETZ, Edward A.  Thu Apr 12, 1917Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P5944
14 D., J.A.   P8378
15 DIETZ, Joseph Leonard  Fri Dec 22, 1922Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P5946
16 D., J.R.   P11779
17 DIETZ, Leonard Anthony  Wed Jul 02, 1919Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P5945
18 DIETZ, Martha  Wed Dec 31, 1913Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P1840
19 DIETZ, Mary  Sun Jan 13, 1918Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P6811
20 D., P.E.   P9196
21 DIETZ, Raymond Joseph  Thu Jul 10, 1913Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P5943
22 DIETZ, Robert Leonard  Sun May 11, 1947Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P6803
23 D., V.   P10534
24 E., J.   P6150
25 ECKSTEIN, Karen  Sat Sep 08, 1951Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P11489
26 E., M.   P6149
27 E., S.   P6148
28 E., S.   P6147
29 FISCHER, Benjamin Joseph  Wed Apr 16, 1930Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P14164
30 FISCHER, Elizabeth  Fri Nov 15, 1912Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P14018
31 FISCHER, Herbert Ferdinand  Mon Jun 23, 1924Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P14035
32 FISCHER, Louise Monica  Thu Aug 23, 1917Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P14027
33 FISCHER, Mary Goblirsch  Mon May 31, 1909Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P10491
34 F., O.C.   P14170
35 F., P.J.   P5693
36 F., A.R.   P14489
37 FROMM, Jerome Kenneth  Thu May 18, 1939Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P14486
38 GALL, Frank Frances  Tue Jan 01, 1895Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P14503
39 GANSKE, Peter  Fri Oct 07, 1910Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P175
40 G., C.G.   P12327
41 G., D.J.   P12328
42 G., K.R.   P3204
43 GRAUSAM, Michael J.  Thu Apr 22, 1915Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P8262
44 H., J.R.   P6425
45 H., J.M.   P6424
46 H., M.J.   P6359
47 H., C.   P6246
48 H., D.   P6247
49 H., E.A.   P6245
50 HAAS, George Anthony  Sat Apr 16, 1927Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P6015
51 H., P.R.   P6244
52 H., S.G.   P6019
53 HAAS, Steven Melvin  Fri Jun 21, 1946Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P6016
54 HAUSER, Anthony  Sat Oct 23, 1954Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P3495
55 HAUSER, Leonard (Sr)  Mon Dec 29, 1913Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P1773
56 HAUSER, Margaret  Mon Apr 11, 1921Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P1786
57 HAUSER, Rosella  Sun Mar 21, 1920Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P1803
58 HAUSER, Sylvester Arnold  Sat Oct 23, 1920Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P1779
59 HAUTH, Leroy  Fri Mar 04, 1949Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2379
60 H., A.   P884
61 H., C.   P888
62 H., F.   P892
63 H., G.   P883
64 H., J.A.   P881
65 H., M.   P880
66 H., M.   P886
67 HELGET, Nicklas  Sat Feb 23, 1974Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P889
68 H., P.   P885
69 H., T.   P887
70 H., B.T.   P513
71 H., D.L.   P508
72 H., D.A.   P8339
73 HILLESHEIM, Angeline Sophie  Tue Oct 03, 1922Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2926
74 H., A.E.   P3916
75 H., A.T.   P2486

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   Last Name, First Name    Christening    Person ID 
1 TREBESCH, Wilma Rae  Sun Feb 25, 1940Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P5883


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   Last Name, First Name    Death    Person ID 
1 ALT, Raymond  Sat Feb 08, 2014Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P1459
2 ANTONY, Donna Mae  Thu Mar 12, 2015Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2565
3 ARPAGAUS, Mary Barbara  Wed Dec 23, 1908Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P9137
4 AUGUSTIN, Marcella  Tue Sep 03, 2002Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P14643
5 BERTRAND, Edward Peter  Thu Aug 07, 1924Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P10264
6 BOLLIG, Charles Julius  Tue Nov 17, 1992Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P214
7 BRAULICK, Ronald Richard  Fri May 03, 2013Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P1415
8 BRAUN, Margaretha  Wed May 19, 1937Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2776
9 BRAUN, Rosile  Thu Jun 23, 2005Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P1775
10 BRUCKBAUER, Clara  Wed Jan 28, 1970Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P1300
11 BRUGGEMAN, Mary  Sat Jan 18, 1964Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P11771
12 COREY, Johanna Christina  Sun Nov 13, 1927Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2779
13 DIETZ, Edward A.  Tue Nov 25, 1980Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P5944
14 DIETZ, Helen Ruth  Tue Dec 28, 1999Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P12487
15 DIETZ, Joseph J.  Thu Feb 13, 1964Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P12
16 DIETZ, Raymond Joseph  Thu Aug 08, 1991Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P5943
17 ECKSTEIN, Clara  Mon May 04, 1964Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P8682
18 ECKSTEIN, John B. (Dr)  Mon Oct 30, 1995Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P6141
19 ECKSTEIN, Mary  Mon Jun 02, 1924Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P8691
20 ECKSTEIN, Otto  Apr 1968Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P8685
21 FILZEN, Victor P.  Sun Jul 04, 1993Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P3736
22 FISCHER, Alfred  Sun Oct 30, 1983Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P14017
23 FISCHER, Frank  Sat Apr 18, 1970Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P1842
24 FISCHER, Gertrude Catherine  Sun May 04, 2003Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P1976
25 FISCHER, Theresa C.  Sat Nov 29, 1975Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P4151
26 FIXSEN, Judith  1990Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P8716
27 FLETCHER, Bernice G.  Wed Nov 12, 1986Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P8251
28 GAG, Albert  Sat May 15, 1999Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P692
29 GLEISNER, Clarence S.  Sun Aug 12, 2012Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P8791
30 GOEBER, Juliana Josephine  Mon Mar 14, 1927Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P10284
31 GORES, Peter A.  Tue Oct 11, 1955Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2262
32 GRAUSAM, Anastasia  Fri Nov 18, 1949Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2897
33 GRAUSAM, Edward P.  Sun Aug 26, 2001Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P251
34 GRAUSAM, Michael J.  Thu Mar 15, 2001Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P8262
35 GUGGISBERG, Mildred Barbara  Fri Sep 26, 1986Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2348
36 GUGGISBERG, Shirley  Thu Sep 02, 2021Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P13024
37 HAAS, Joseph  Tue Apr 06, 1937Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P12816
38 HARRIS, Rhoda Marie Alice  Wed Mar 10, 2021Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P6580
39 HARTNECK, Joseph  Mon May 10, 1937Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P8729
40 HAUSER, Joseph "Sep"  Sat Nov 16, 2002Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P1788
41 HAUSER, Nick  Tue Jan 26, 2010Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P1774
42 HAUSER, Sylvester Arnold  Wed Oct 24, 2007Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P1779
43 HELGET, Delmar William  Tue Jan 06, 2009Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P879
44 HELGET, Margaret  Sun May 17, 1914Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P12474
45 HELGET, Nicklas  Sat Feb 23, 1974Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P889
46 HELGET, Sylvester Louis  Fri May 16, 2003Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2311
47 HENGEL, Roger J.  Fri Feb 24, 2017Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P8253
48 HENGEL, Rosa  Mon Nov 03, 1969Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P15
49 HILLESHEIM, Alexander John  Fri Apr 15, 1966Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2928
50 HILLESHEIM, Arnold  Thu Sep 16, 1880Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2246
51 HILLESHEIM, Arnold  Sun Oct 13, 1957Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2777
52 HILLESHEIM, Arthur H.  Mon Jan 04, 1943Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P3768
53 HILLESHEIM, Baby  Sat Dec 21, 1912Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P3447
54 HILLESHEIM, Baby  Mon Apr 02, 1917Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P3446
55 HILLESHEIM, Catherine Anna  Fri Jun 12, 1992Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P8499
56 HILLESHEIM, Clara  Mon May 20, 1907Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2905
57 HILLESHEIM, Clara (Dr)  Thu Jan 21, 1965Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2888
58 HILLESHEIM, Clarence (Jr)  Wed May 03, 1939Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P1897
59 HILLESHEIM, Donald  Tue Oct 28, 1958Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P4122
60 HILLESHEIM, Edmund Joseph  Mon Sep 15, 1913Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P3658
61 HILLESHEIM, Ellinora  Sun Mar 29, 1908Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P12284
62 HILLESHEIM, Emma  Wed Nov 26, 1997Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2908
63 HILLESHEIM, Emma Mary  Fri Jul 21, 1972Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2882
64 HILLESHEIM, Francis Frederick  Fri Aug 16, 2002Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P3908
65 HILLESHEIM, Frank Anton  Fri Sep 21, 1973Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2254
66 HILLESHEIM, Frederick  Tue Aug 25, 1964Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2890
67 HILLESHEIM, Henry Frank  Tue Oct 21, 1986Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2277
68 HILLESHEIM, James Florian  Wed Apr 07, 2004Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2306
69 HILLESHEIM, Joseph Anton  Sat Jan 08, 1944Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2249
70 HILLESHEIM, Joseph W.  Mon Aug 29, 1983Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2914
71 HILLESHEIM, Judith Hedwig  Fri Oct 22, 2021Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P1943
72 HILLESHEIM, Julia  Wed Sep 09, 1987Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2918
73 HILLESHEIM, Kenneth William  Thu Apr 12, 2001Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P1883
74 HILLESHEIM, Linus Francis  Wed May 31, 2006Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2820
75 HILLESHEIM, Marie "Josephine"  Sun Jul 22, 1979Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2785

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   Last Name, First Name    Burial    Person ID 
1 ALT, Raymond  Wed Feb 12, 2014Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P1459
2 AUKRUST, Astor  Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P248
3 BAUMANN, Wilbert Anton  Wed Jul 14, 2004Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P3523
4 ECKSTEIN, Arthur Leo  Nov 1984Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P8689
5 GEORGE, Ethel Marion  Sat Jan 14, 2006Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P200
6 HILLESHEIM, Alfred Joseph  Mon Mar 22, 1999Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2214
7 NEUDECKER, Aloysius Anthony  Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P1538

Alt. Buried

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   Last Name, First Name    Alt. Buried    Person ID 
1 HILLESHEIM, Hubert G.  Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2772

Alt. Death

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   Last Name, First Name    Alt. Death    Person ID 
1 HILLESHEIM, Hubert H. Peter  Sat Aug 21, 1993Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2278
2 HILLESHEIM, Marie "Josephine"  Sun Jul 22, 1979Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2785
3 JUENEMANN, Anna  Wed Apr 12, 1978Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2207
4 MICKELSON, Fred  Thu Dec 19, 1968Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2265
5 SELLNER, Clara Christina  Sat Nov 06, 1943Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2268
6 TURBES, Florian  Sun Jan 16, 2000Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2446


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   Last Name, First Name    Birth    Person ID 
1 K., D.G.   P6157

Fact 2

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   Last Name, First Name    Fact 2    Person ID 
1 H., L.   P3506
2 H., M.J.   P3468


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   Last Name, First Name    Residence    Person ID 
1 HILLESHEIM, Anna Catherine (Sister Huberta)  1929Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2781
2 HILLESHEIM, Clara Josephine  Between 1942 and 1983Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2910
3 HILLESHEIM, Edwin Jacob  1946Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2286
4 HILLESHEIM, Emma  1936Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2927
5 HILLESHEIM, Emma  Between 1942 and 1983Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2908
6 HILLESHEIM, Henry R. Aloysius  1958Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2789
7 HILLESHEIM, Marie "Josephine"  1958Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2785
8 HILLESHEIM, Mathilda  1942Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2906
9 HILLESHEIM, Peter Alexander  1929Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2251
10 HILLESHEIM, William Joseph  1931Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2875
11 P., L.   P4100
12 YOUNGMAN, Leonard  1942Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN P2907


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 ALTENBURG / SCHIMSCHOCK  Mon Nov 11, 1912Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F1671
3 BERG / STELZER  Tue Oct 25, 1887Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F5194
5 BREU / HAUSER   F527
6 BUSCH / HILLESHEIM  Thu Jun 14, 1945Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F690
7 DIETZ / HARRIS  Tue Jun 03, 1941Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F1760
10 FISCHER / BRUCKBAUER  Thu Nov 16, 1916Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F398
11 FISCHER / FISCHER  Mon Oct 17, 1932Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F4743
13 GALL / HAALA  Apr 1895Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F5143
14 GORES / HILLESHEIM  Tue May 27, 1902Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F670
15 GRAUSAM / DEUTSCH  Wed Jun 29, 1910Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F2984
16 GROEBNER / HILLESHEIM  Tue May 19, 1942Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F710
18 HAALA / HELGET  Tue Jun 28, 1910Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F3840
19 HAALA / HILLESHEIM  Tue Sep 09, 1941Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F648
20 HAAS / KRZMARZICK  Mon Jun 11, 1945Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F1775
21 HAUSER / BRAUN  Thu Mar 06, 1941Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F523
22 HELGET / SPERL   F537
23 HILLESHEIM / CONRAD  Mon Nov 16, 1931Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F916
24 HILLESHEIM / GOBLIRSCH  Sat Oct 24, 1914Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F663
25 HILLESHEIM / GRAUSAM  Mon Sep 14, 1896Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F902
26 HILLESHEIM / HOFFMANN  Wed Sep 01, 1948Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F275
28 HILLESHEIM / LUKAS  Tue Sep 28, 1897Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F894
29 HILLESHEIM / SCHROEPFER  Mon Jun 08, 1942Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F702
30 HILLESHEIM / SELLNER  Tue Nov 12, 1907Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F660
31 HILLESHEIM / SELLNER  Tue Jun 06, 1911Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F662
32 HILLESHEIM / SELLNER  Fri Oct 17, 1913Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F665
33 HILLESHEIM / SHERMAN  Thu May 05, 1938Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F561
34 HILLESHEIM / SMITH  Wed Jul 07, 1937Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F684
35 HOLM / SPERL   F538
37 JANNI / SPERL   F536
38 JR / GOBLIRSCH   F5144
39 JUENEMANN / HILLESHEIM  Tue Feb 11, 1919Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F667
40 KOTTEN / TURBES  Tue May 31, 1892Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F884
41 KRAL / BRAULICK  Mon Sep 22, 1913Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F4457
42 KRAL / GREIM  Fri Feb 15, 1985Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F3225
44 KRZMARZICK / SYVERSON  Sat Nov 15, 1952Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F1756
45 LAUX / HILLESHEIM  Mon Feb 05, 1894Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F3978
46 LOSLEBEN / FISCHER  Tue May 09, 1922Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F1190
47 LOSLEBEN / HILLESHEIM  Tue Apr 29, 1890Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F924
49 MARTI / HAUSER   F524
50 MEINERT / OTTO   F3766
51 MEINERT / PLATZ  Wed Apr 12, 1939Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F3765
52 MERTZ / NELSON   F3497
53 MERTZ / SEIKORA  Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F4326
54 MICKELSON / HILLESHEIM  Tue Apr 06, 1920Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F672
57 MOLDAN / TURBES   F1822
58 NELSON / KRZMARZICK  Tue May 16, 1899Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F376
59 NELSON / TURBES  Wed Apr 22, 1953Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F3704
60 NEUDECKER / WILTSCHECK  Tue Apr 19, 1949Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F41
61 NOLAN / KOTTEN   F377
63 PIETRUS / HILLESHEIM  Tue May 30, 1933Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F928
64 QUIMBY / HILLESHEIM  Thu Nov 09, 1911Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F921
70 SCHIEFFERT / DEUTSCH  Tue Oct 10, 1933Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F4681
71 SCHIMSCHOCK / WEISS  Tue Jan 18, 1921Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F1680
74 SCHROEDER / PATTERSON  Mon Jun 20, 1938Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F5300
75 SCHROEPFER / ECKSTEIN  Tue Feb 10, 1885Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F3073

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Alt. Marriage

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   Family    Alt. Marriage    Family ID 
1 HILLESHEIM / SELLNER  Tue Nov 12, 1907Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F660
2 JUENEMANN / HILLESHEIM  Tue Feb 22, 1916Sleepy Eye, Brown Co, MN F674

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